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Spirit Torino

Spirit Torino Titano Ragnarr Wired Headphones

Spirit Torino Titano Ragnarr Wired Headphones

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A dedicated edition to the great Viking king, Ragnarr, the Ragnarr models represent the most Innovative technologies of Spirit Torino. The Ragnarr edition does not compromise in its construction but further enhances neodymium fixed wiring. The performance of this set-up is exceptional and guarantees reliability at the highest level in challenging environments

Super Light Ragnarr

Fixed wiring, soldered directly to the drive, it is designed not only hence the sonic performance, by removing the compromises of connectors, but also to be extremely sturdy and durable.

The semi-closed headphone Titano was born at the end of a lengthy analysis of the world of listening through headphones.
Andrea Ricci in this project changes his design approach from the pure research of a faithful sound reproduction, to an acoustically tailor-made product able to adapting to the customer’s needs.

The Titano in fact can pass from a My-fi responsible in audiophile key to a reference tool for the sound professional.
An important reasoning has also been devoted to the use of the “Headphone” instrument itself, defining a semi-closed design that allows the enjoyment of the acoustic advantages of an open system while leaking 50% less sound outside the headphone.
This setting allows the user to keep a realistic listening volume without disturbing who is near, and at the same time creates an art of high range background noise action essential to fully appreciate the sound details.


Another important aspect of this project is that, unlike the top of the line Twin Pulse that fits as the soloist into the audio chain, this new project was born to help the amplifications express themselves at their best.
The Titano’s VPS system, besides varying the low frequency response, also changes the compression levels inside the acoustic chambers, better adapting to the driving characteristics of different types of amplification.
A tubes amplification for example will be made comfortable by a completely open configuration, while a current amplification to express its high materic sound will like a more partialized configuration.
In addition, the Titano’s combination of sensitivity and impedance allow even low-power systems to deliver a convincing reproduction of music.


At Spirit we think of the customer as a gentleman driver, to be followed in his musical refinement path, offering an upgrade service that guarantees to our customers the preservation of their investment.
The continuous dialogue between company and customers has allowed us to introduce significant upgrades, such as the Alcantara (R) pad and the VPS (Ventilation Pad System) that opens to a responsible My-Fi, making an advanced design, for the first time, fully exploitable even by non-professional users.


      The engine of a Spirit headset could only be exceptional, the base unit is built to our specifications by the drive wizard Jaco Burger and then prepared in Spirit depending on the destination with a series of vibration damping interventions, variation of the ventilation and magnetic enhancement parameters.
      The optimization of the aerodynamic flows and the elaborate composite structure allow to reproduce the musical message with extreme tonal fidelity.



      The inertial frame of Spirit provides a combination of an anticorodal aluminum structure made from solid with an anti-resonant Dynamat TM and anti-reflective treatment for the internal chamber, in order to make it completely inert to the stresses of the drive.
      This design approach optimizes the focus of the soundstage and eliminates coloration added to the reproduced sound due to interactions between materials.

      The weight of the frame is carefully calibrated to support the thrust of the drive, maximizing the dynamic efficiency of the headset.


      In a headphone, the pad has a fundamental function because it delimits the chamber in which the sound takes shape to reach our ear, but it is also the element of contact with our head, so its design must include technical / acoustic aspects. and comfort.

      The Spirit Pads are made with a combination of fine leather and Alcantara to offer superior breathability and comfort.

      Each pad also provides for a careful study of the channeling of the pressure discharge flows to make the drive workload symmetrical in compression and decompression of the chambers.

      Ventilation Pad System (VPS)

      Spirit Torino Hi-Fi Ventilation Pad System VPS headphones

      For the first time, a variable front pad ventilation system is used on the Spirit range.
      This system has two distinct purposes.
      The first is to project the perception of the soundstage out of your head.
      The second provides for the possibility of partializing the ventilation surface, closing ducts and inserting a filter in the pressure compensation duct.
      The partialization of these surfaces allows you to configure the headset in three different ways.
      NB: for Super Leggera available in a single configuration.

      This configuration foresees all open ducts and maximizes the perception of details, the opening of the sound stage and the control of the low range.
      It is also particularly suitable for valve amplification.

      This configuration has been designed for those who essentially want to listen to the disc without modifications or those who work with music and need a very faithful timbre.
      In this configuration the filter is inserted in the compensation duct and makes the low range more full-bodied, requiring an amplification that favors current driving.

      This configuration with three closed ventilation holes and the filter inserted makes the headphones more isolated towards the outside and makes the low range even more dynamic and suitable for use in environments with high background noise.
      Ideal for rock and electronic genres with live effects.


      Most of the "audiophile" headphones of the last period are looking for a spectacularization of the sound made of "sparkling" high frequencies, artificially enhanced bass and sound stages forced to the extreme, obtained through a pre-equalization of the headphones.
      This style of sound does not respect the soul of the music and predisposes the listener to hear the music at a lower volume than the real event, preferring a "clinical" rather than natural listening.


      We have created specific wiring for the different fields of use.
      The Standard and Torino 1706 fittings include detachable cables made in collaboration with Portento Audio that combine lightness and flexibility.
      All termination standards on the market are available and a dual section version can be chosen to improve performance with high current amplifiers.

      Detachable harness can be configured to further customize the sonic signature

      The Ragnarr set -up and all Twin Pulse instead, mount uncompromising wiring that is soldered to silver directly on the drive avoiding two welds and a contact point for optimal current transfer.
      The cabling includes a 4-pole braid of coaxial cable with a quadruple section compared to that usually used in headphones.
      Connectors and sheaths of the best quality complete a high-end construction destined to last over time.


      The semi-closed architecture of the Mistral offers greater safety for those who use the headphones outdoors and guarantees a three-dimensional audio sensation.

      TECHNOLOGY Mono Drive Spirit System
      DRIVE 1x drives Spirit
      CABLE LENGTH  1,2 m -2,2 m detachable cable by Portento Audio
      MAX. POWER HANDLING 2.000 mW
      IMPEDANCE 32 ohm
      HEADPHONE TYPE Semi-Closed circumaural
      FREQUENCY RESPONSE 18-39.000 hz calibrated on isophonic curves
      WEIGTH (without cable) 440 gr
      PAD Leather/Alcantara + Ventilation Pad System
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