Ortofon Trade in Scheme

 Ortofon Trade In Scheme

The Ortofon Moving Coil Cartridge Trade-In Scheme is designed to help existing Ortofon customers update or renew their Hi-Fi system in a much more cost-effective way.

Through the scheme, Ortofon offer a trade-in value for the current range of moving coil cartridges, as well as an extensive list of discontinued models. Through this cartridge exchange program, we are able to help customers upgrade, replace or slightly downgrade their current phono cartridge in a more economical way than usual.

Follow this link if you would like to find out about Ortofon's Cartridge Repair Service.

The chart below shows the trade-in retail value of all the Ortofon Moving Coil (MC) cartridges that are included on the scheme.

Cartridge Model Trade-In Value Cartridge Model Trade-In Value
HMC 10 (Quartz) £94.00 MC Winfeld £710.00
HMC 20 (Quattro) £89.00 MC Xpression £1080.00
HMC 30 (Quasar) £125.00 MC Jubilee £384.00
MC 1 Turbo £43.00 MC Kontrapunkt A £153.00
MC 3 Turbo £75.00 MC Kontrapunkt H £199.00
X1-MCP £28.00 MC Kontrapunkt B £244.00
X5-MC £75.00 MC Kontrapunkt C £317.00
MC 20 MKII £95.00 MC Rohmann £298.00
MC 10 Supreme £105.00 MC Tango £36.00
MC 20 Supreme £130.00 MC Samba £49.00
MC 30 Supreme £155.00 MC Salsa £63.00
MC 25 E £76.00 MC Vivo Red £53.00
MC 25 FL £95.00 MC Vivo Blue £57.00
MC 70 £380.00 MC X 5 £65.00
MC 10 Super MK II £105.00 MCP X 1 (T4P) £28.00
MC 15 Super MK II £48.00 Rondo Red £89.00
MC 20 Super MK II £144.00 Rondo Blue £131.00
MC 30 Super MK II £175.00 Rondo Bronze £167.00
MC 2000 MK II £296.00 MC Valencia £163.00
MC 3000 MK II £383.00 MC Venice £244.00
MC 5000 £465.00 MC Vienna £384.00
MC 7500 £443.00 Quintet Red £54.00
MC A90 £733.00 Quintet Blue £86.00
MC A95 £1085.00 Quintet Bronze £130.00
MC Cadenza Red £228.00 Quintet Black £173.00
MC Cadenza Blue £336.00 Quintet Mono £86.00
MC Cadenza Bronze £402.00 MC Anna  
MC Cadenza Black £489.00 MC 20 Super 25th Anniversary £144.00
MC Cadenza Mono £228.00

How it Works

How it Works

Ortofon offer their exchange scheme to any customer who currently owns one of the cartridges listed above, and is looking to replace it with a new model from their range. If you fit within these requirements, you are able to apply a discount to your next moving coil cartridge purchase; moving up, down or staying at the same level within the range.

The saving you make is based on the cartridge you are trading in, and the exact amount for each cartridge is detailed in the chart above, in the 'Trade-In Value' columns. However, in order to benefit from the full value of your cartridge, the Trade-In Value must be less than 30% of the UK Suggested Retail Price of the new Ortofon cartridge you are purchasing. Below is a list of current UK retail prices, and the maximum trade-in discount you can apply against each cartridge.

Cartridge Model UK Retail Price Maximum Trade-In Discount
MC 1 Turbo £179.00 £53.70
Quintet Mono £349.00 £104.70
Quintet Red £249.00 £74.70
Quintet Blue £349.00 £104.70
Quintet Bronze £515.00 £154.50
Quintet Black S £679.00 £203.70
Cadenza Mono £875.00 £262.50
Cadenza Red £875.00 £262.50
Cadenza Blue £1299.00 £389.70
Cadenza Bronze £1499.00 £449.70
Cadenza Black £1825.00 £547.50
Xpression £4000.00 £1200.00
MC Winfeld Ti £3100.00 £930.00
MC A95 £4000.00 £1200.00
MC Anna £5500.00 £1650.00

Example 1:

Customer has an MC 25 FL, and would like to exchange for a Quintet Blue. The MC 25 FL has a trade-in value of £95.00. 30% of the current UK SRP of the Quintet Blue is £104.70 (see 'Maximum Trade-In Discount' column, above), making the MC 25 FL fit within the acceptable range for this cartridge.

The customer can therefore buy a Quintet Blue for £95.00 off the normal retail price, in exchange for their old MC 25 FL.

Example 2:

Customer has an MC 5000, and would like to exchange for a Cadenza Blue. The MC 5000 has a trade-in value of £465.00. However, 30% of the current UK SRP of the Cadenza Blue is £389.70 (see 'Maximum Trade-In Discount' column, above), which is less than the trade-in value of the old cartridge.

As the customer cannot receive more than 30% off the retail value of a new cartridge through the trade-in scheme, the customer can buy a Cadenza Blue with a £389.70 discount, in exchange for the MC 5000.

Why Should I Exchange?

Ortofon offers this service as an alternative to a ‘refurbishment’ or ‘re-tipping’ service. It is our opinion that if the internal mechanics or the diamond tip of a cartridge are modified, replaced or restored, the fundamental element of what made that cartridge unique is lost, and it will therefore never be fully restored to what you originally purchased. With our exchange scheme, you get rewarded for being an existing Ortofon customer and are able to update your system easily.

This offer is also open to non-working cartridges. So if you've had an accident and broken your cartridge, or the stylus, suspension, cantilever or any element of the cartridge is irreparably damaged, we're still happy to help. We take cartridges in all conditions back on this scheme.