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Townshend Audio Super Tweeter (Pair)

Townshend Audio Super Tweeter (Pair)

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The Townshend Audio Maximum Ribbon Supertweeters are  designed to extend the frequency response of your loudspeakers to 100kHz. Adding the Super Tweeter to your audio system allows you to experience the advantage of the extended frequency response delivered by the new digital audio formats (DVD-A, DVD-V containing 96/24 stereo PCM audio, and SACD) and to fully utilize the 30kHz plus frequency response previously only available from high-quality vinyl reproduction. 

Another bonus is that other formats are greatly enhanced. Just as a sub woofer fills in the bottom end, Maximum Supertweeters fill in the top end, making music sound more real. All Instruments - even double basses - take on an extra clarity that is neither bright nor brash. In fact the sound is both clearer and smoother. The really surprising thing is that when the tweeters are played alone, one can barely, if at all, hear a thing. Remarkably, however, all listeners - even, those having no sine wave sensitivity above 10kHz - experience the same enhancement when the Supertweeters are engaged, describing the sound of their hi-fi systems as ‘more natural’ and comfortable to listen to.

Output can be set to suit speakers with sensitivities from 80dB to 110dB, adjusted in steps on the rear. Other features Include banana plug terminals, copper conductors ( including the matching transformer windings and aluminium ribbon) are deep cryogenically treated (DCT) wiring for unrivalled fidelity. 

The Maximum Supertweeters can be connected directly across the output of amplifiers up to 350W or in line directly to the speaker. An automatically resetting fuse prevents ribbon damage in the event of overload. They are best placed centrally on top of existing speakers. These are the only super tweeters on the market to be fitted with cable, and in fact, they include very high quality Isolda DCT stranded Litz cables (1.5m length each), for the ultimate fidelity. These are terminated with gold plated piggy-back banana plugs or spade connections (select below before ordering). 

'If it's of the performance envelope-pushing persuasion, the Townshend Maximum Supertweeters will undoubtedly take it, and you, to the next level' (Hi-Fi Choice Magazine)

'I still have my Maximum Supertweeters, thank goodness but I have tried living with them switched off and, believe me, it felt like, masochism' (Hi-Fi News Magazine)

- Frequency response. 20Khz to 70kHz (-3dB), 12kHz to 90kHz (-6dB).
- Sensitivity adjustable to suit speakers with sensitivity from 80dB to 110dB.
- Impedance 6R, 20Khz. 30R, 100kHz.
- Power rating. 350W+. Music (heavy rock)
- Dimensions (mm): 500W x 300H x 100D.
- Case. Stainless Steel Mirror or Titanium.

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