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Pro-Ject Pre Box RS2 Digital Pre Amplifier / DAC

Pro-Ject Pre Box RS2 Digital Pre Amplifier / DAC

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High end preamp, D / A converter, headphone amplifier

Universal & future-proof: high-end preamplifier, D / A converter, headphone amplifier!

The Pre Box RS Digital combines all the features of the DAC Box RS with a highly linear preamplifier, which has a switchable output stage in transistor and tube technology. As with all of our top-of-the-line digital products, we use the PCM1792 DACs, which are used twice in dual differential mode for ultimate fidelity. As a unique feature can alternatively be switched to a 32bit / 384kHz converter chip also from Texas Instruments. The also available high-quality headphone amplifier has a switchable output impedance to allow optimal adaptation to any headphone. The Pre Box Digital RS offers 3-dimensional room image, Perfect fine dynamic playback and ultimate resolution with the ability to connect a variety of digital and analog sources. Especially in combination with the Pro-Ject CD Box RS drive, the Pre Box RS Digital can show its qualities, as a specially suitable I²S interface (via RJ45) ensures maximum jitter-free reproduction.

  • DAC switchable: 2x PCM1792 or PCM5102
  • 9 digital inputs: i²S, AES / EBU, Toslink, S / PDIF coax
  • Analog: Pre-out XLR / RCA / Headphone, RCA input
  • Headphone amplifier with selectable output impedance
  • Fully symmetrical dual mono construction
  • Output stage switchable tubes 6922 & transistor
  • Ultra-linear with high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Pure Class A circuit
  • Blue Alps volume control
  • DC power supply (<1 watt standby consumption)
  • IR remote control included
  • Available in black or silver
D / A converter DAC1 - 2 x PCM1792 24bits / 192k Hz; DAC2 - PCM5102 32bits / 384k Hz
roar 2 x 6922 EH
Digital inputs 1 x USB 2.0 Audio 32/384 + DoP-DSD 64/128
1 x RJ45 Sonic I2S for CD Box RS in Sonic Mode
2 x S / PDIF 24/192
4 x S / PDIF Optical 24/96
1 x AES / EBU symmetrical 24/192
Line input 1 pair of RCA jacks
input impedance 33 kOhm
Analog output Pre-out (XLR & RCA), headphones (6.35mm jack)
Headphone Impedance Switchable 5/20/50 ohms
Analog Input Sensitivity 1.6V RMS for full headphone volume
frequency range 20Hz - 50kHz (+ 0dB / - 0.1dB)
noise Ratio -100dB (IEC-A)
THD 0.005% transistor output / 0.25% tube output
Masterclock output 16.9344MHz for CD Box RS in Sonic Mode
power adapter 20V / 3A DC suitable for worldwide use
current consumption 300mA transistor / 850mA tube / 90mA standby
Dimensions W x H x D 206 x 72 x 210mm, with sockets
mass 1950 g without power supply
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