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My Sonic Labs

My Sonic Labs Signature Gold MC Cartridge

My Sonic Labs Signature Gold MC Cartridge

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The My Sonic Lab Signature Gold MC phono cartridge

won the Gran Prix prize in 2012 (cartridge division) of the Stereo Sound magazine, the most authoritative audio magazine in Japan. When very experienced critics agree on the high quality of a product, this surely inspires confidence.

In terms of construction the MSL Signature Gold damper system has been updated, with a larger core creating a generator with a much higher efficiency.

It is a step up from the Ultra Eminent with improved sonic qualities presenting outstanding dynamics, naturalness, transparency because of it’s ability to extract the huge amount of information that lays within the vinyl surface thus imbuing the listener with an emotional connection to the music.

My Sonic Lab Signature Gold Features :

  1. SH-µX core having intrinsic ultra Hi-Bs & Hi-µ: An astounding high-efficiency output 0.5mV with 1.4O ohm internal impedance was created thanks to the elaborate high-efficiency magnetic circuitry composed of their exclusive core with minimal windings of the coil wire.
  2. Semi-line contact stylus: Outstanding trackability, without tracking distortion by means of microscopic 0.1mm-square diamond tip of 3 x 30µmm semi-line contact.
  3. Ultra-hard cantilever:  A specially hardened duralmin pipe is employed to reproduce powerful yet minute and delicate nuances of musical expression
  4. The hyper-solid duralmin base makes the cartridge totally variation-proof and free from resonances.
  5. Dramatically reinforced magnetism was obtained by means of a refined core whose cross-sectional dimensions are enlarged by as much as 10%, compared to the current versions, at the cross-sectional dimensions.

My Sonic Lab Signature Gold MC Ultra-low impedance MC cartridge



Cantilever: Double super-duraluminum.

Stylus: Semi-line contact (3μmx 30μm)


Magnet: Neodymium #50

Terminal pins: Polished Rhodium-plated

Weight: 10g


Output Voltage: 0.5mV at 1kHz

Internal Impedance: 1.4 ohm (DCR)

Frequency Response: 10 ~ 50kHz

Channel Balance: < 0.5dB (1kHz)

Channel Separation: > 30dB (1kHz)


Tracking ability @315Hz at 2g tracking force

Dynamic Compliance:

Set Up:

Recommended loading: > 10 ohms

Recommended tracking force: 1.9 ~ 2.2g

Optimum working temperature:

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