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Jern 11 Cast Iron Loudspeakers (Pair)

Jern 11 Cast Iron Loudspeakers (Pair)

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JERN 11 –

It is elegant and small, but it delivers High End audio quality. The keys to its performance are its shape, components and choice of materials.

JERN 11 Loudspeaker
The JERN 11 was developed to work very well in small rooms placed close to the walls.

For very deep bass, or for placement away from the walls, a subwoofer can be added.

The JERN 11 is the new compact entry level loudspeaker from JERN.

It delivers High End audio quality. The keys to the superior performance are in its components and choice of materials.
JERNis not a mass producer of speakers. Each speaker remains essentially handbuilt by craftsmen with decades of experience at their fingertips.

The name JERN®
In Danish, JERN means IRON, which refers to the cabinet material.
We use our special grade grey cast Iron (called Vibrakill ®), with a very high amount of Graphite (Carbon) mixed in the Iron.
The Graphite dampens our cabinets vibrations 100 times better than Aluminium, and much better than MDF and wood.
Iron is also much stronger and heavier. This also reduce cabinet vibrations, so you mainly hear the good sound from the loudspeaker cones.

Speakers are a part of our homes just like any other piece of furniture or art, and to most people it is important to have a beautiful and stylish home.
JERN®11 differs from other high end speakers because the choice of material and casting method allows our designers and engineers freedom to create new shapes that improve the performance instead of regular square boxes that compromises the sound quality.

The detailed surface of each speaker is unique to that single speaker. It is just like fingerprints; they look similar but in detail there is no other just like yours.

A new generation
The iron for the cabinet is made from recycled materials and it is good for a lifespan of more than a century.

For the best sound quality, you should only hear the sound waves from the loudspeaker drivers. So we want to reduce disturbing vibrations and noise from the cabinet. Different cabinet materials give different vibration levels.

Traditionally, speakers are made from wood because of its low cost and ability to reduce vibrations. JERN focuses on the perfect sound, which is the cornerstone in our production, design, components and choice of materials. The JERN 11, JERN 12 and JERN 14 loudspeakers are made from our special vibration absorbing grey cast Iron (called Vibrakill ) that reduce vibrations up to 100 times better than Aluminium. Our cabinets are also much better than MDF and wood. This is our key component to the clear and clean sound that the JERN loudspeakers delivers.





86DB, 2.83V


25 – 150W / 4 OHM






210 X 300 X 180MM


12.44 KG


Rubber Rings and Stands Available Separately 
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