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MAURIZIO ATERINI - FOUNDER - From a very young age the passion for music and its instruments of reproduction have marked my life so much to condition every choice I made. I desired to be able to offer the greater audience ideas and technical potentials with an all-Italian brand specialized in Hi-Fi created by a team with years of experience in the field. In 2012, with my wife Elena, my partner Alessio and a team of specialized technicians and engineers I founded GOLD NOTE, profiting from previous work experiences in the same industry. Together we created a High-End audio brand which since the start wanted to speak a simple but evocative language in order to bring the best of “Made in Italy” to the whole world. In my opinion, one of the greatest peculiarities of this brand is its “double glance”, our business vision which in some ways directed to the past, but at the same time to the future. On the outside, this approach is expressed by forms we give to our creations which prove a strong references to the artistic history of Tuscany though representing our point of view on the future of quality listening. The same thing is true on the inside of our products which are designed based on the cornerstone elements of the audiofile tradition but introducing new features and using components of information technology unknown to these kind of products until recently. The spirit of our audio equipment stems from the fusion of past and future. This means that we don’t see a contradiction in combining avant-garde technological innovations with a design that seeks ties with tradition. The Renaissance of our city Florence is a role model to be inspired by every day, a period of great technological innovation and new ideas, and this is the tradition we are interested in - it is our mission to reread it with deference and respect to obtain a direct connection with that innovative spirit of six centuries ago. Today Gold Note presents a line of unique, perfectly coherent and elegant products that allow you to set up an entire quality stereo system with turntables, electronics and loudspeakers. A philosophy that has allowed us to represent Italy, the most beautiful country in the world, as I have always dreamed of doing.

Gold Note XT-7 Speakers
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The unique XT curved design is based on a reinforced cabinet in wooden multilayer panels to control resonances and sound, a design where every single element is crucial and serve the sole purpose of achieving the best sound.

The cabinets are conveniently separated for bass and mid/highs to enhance perfect tuning: the bass drivers cabinet side is vented while the mid/highs is perfectly sealed to reduce internal reflections. The massive swallow tailed stand features adjustable spikes and guarantees perfect stability while completing the structure to enhance performances, the hidden spikes can be adjusted to find always the right balance.

XT-7 offers state-of-the-art solutions for a sound without compromises: high quality crossover exclusively made with all Mundorf and Clarity components and ultra-stiff woven polypropylene SEAS and AMT Ribbon drivers made in Germany.


The first Gold Note loudspeaker to feature a ribbon tweeter, this AMT ultra-linear unit is enhanced with a metal dampened rear chamber. With a new custom cooling coil radiator and dampening aluminium blocking bar designed for resonance reduction and to increase extension linearity.


Using the same principles applied to Midranges, we developed with SEAS two 180mm ultra-linear recessed drivers.

The driver is powered by our unique curved cone in ultra-hardened woven polypropylene to achieve great internal damping and perfect control over the moving parts, that are always perfectly matched to deliver a fantastic frequency response.

To allow extreme coil excursion with low distortion, the magnet system features a bumped back plate with long and light weight copper clad aluminium voice coils.

The heavy copper ring below the T-shaped pole piece reduces non-linear and modulation distortion.

Bullet shaped phase plugs reduce compression due to temperature variations in the voice coils, preventing any resonance problem that could  occur and also increasing the long-term power handling capacity.

The basket obtained with MIM and the basket's spider design are developed to preserve structural alignment for maximum stiffness and also to reduce unwanted noises from air flows, resonance and sound reflection.


A 160mm ultra-linear recessed driver developed with SEAS and enhanced with a proprietary metal chassis.

The unique curved cone in ultra-hardened woven polypropylene allows an excellent internal damping factor while the moving parts are perfectly matched together for a smooth and extended frequency response.

A special radial reinforced low loss rubber surround reduces radial resonances and prevents surround break up at large excursions.

The custom aluminium phase plug reduces compression due to temperature variations in the voice coil, avoiding the resonance that would occur between the dust cap and the pole piece while also increasing the long-term power handling capacity. The internal ring around the coil drastically reduces distortion and inter-modulation.

The basket, obtained by MIM (metal injection molding) to achieve extreme stiffness and stability, keeps all the components in perfect alignment. 

Large windows above and below the basket's spider are designed to reduce sound reflection, air flow noise and cavity resonance to the minimum; the custom spider enhances driver's excursion and give better details and greater linearity.


For XT-7 we developed a deluxe crossover with state-of-the-art components all exclusively provided by Mundorf and Clarity: the passive Crossover Low-High Dual-Slope cuts at 280Hz & 3000Hz and features a resistive design to enable ultra-linear load that support the work of the amplifiers minimising the stress on power supplies even at a nominal impedance of 4Ω.

The boards are made of thick audio-grade and anti-resonance glass fibre with 4 oz gold plated conductors and power a sophisticated triple crossover network and a summing midrange multi-slope design perfectly integrate the drivers of the array for a fulfilling close field audio experience. This high quality crossover is completed with Mundorf handmade air winding coils and Clarity & Mundorf caps.

Frequency response: 35 Hz – 30.000 Hz, Dual Slope
Sensitivity: 90dB SPL (2.83V/1 m)
Nominal impedence: 4 ohm semi-resistive
Power handling: 30W – 300W
Suggested min. listening distance: 1.5/2.0m
Dimensions: 1110mm H | 365mm W | 525mm D
Weight: net 100 Kg, shipping 120 Kg (pair)






Italian Walnut | Grey Walnut
Black Glossy | White Glossy

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