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Chario Aviator Ghibli Bookshelf Speaker

Chario Aviator Ghibli Bookshelf Speaker

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2 way Bookshelf


An harmonious small complex of lines and curves to admire all the classic of Italian design coupled with an optimal sound staging, reproductive fidelity, musicality. Designed to produce excellent performance, even in normal domestic environments. Ghibli model despite its size and reduced bulge has performances that have nothing to envy if compared to other more bulky speakers and higher price categories. The result in reproduction is at the highest level, a large and deep virtual stage accompanied by a disarming emission nativity are able to enthusiast even the most skeptical of the measurements of the speaker itself 

Details in Movement


The pressure that pushes the air inside the reflex duct is extremely high. Consider the analogy of hydraulic lines that push water upward. As the salt loses fluid pressure, the jets lose speed and weaken. Hence the goal must be to retain the optimal pressure within the reflex duct to ensure a consistent strength in the acoustic wave, while avoiding the audible noise past pressure speeds of 130km/h. The tweeter with a soft dome of 38 mm in diameter, without coolant iron in the air gap, and a “waveguide” support, make it at the same time precise but soft, natural but resolute. Above all, it is so chaste that it can withstand high sound pressures and very low crossover frequencies of the crossover filter, for the benefit of a higher tonal cohesion between the two transducers.. .

Essence to Be

The essence of music: pleasure and fun. The linearity of the shapes and the accuracy of Ghibli’s reproduction will allow you to listen to the music by letting you wrap yourself in the rhythm and blend in one’s body and mind. A truly complete loudspeaker, capable of reproducing a sound image as well as more well-balanced loudspeakers; if well supported by proper amplification, literally disappear from the listening environment. Ghibli is typically Chario, warm and bright, in one word: realistic.

Natural Feeling

Aviator Serie

Mainly the Aviator Line is inspired in cosmetics from the history of Military and Commercial Aviation from the last century joined with our heritage, massive wood.

Every name of Aviator models recall a name of an important pilot or its connected to the concept of flight.

The whole line is realized using massive walnut from 20 up to 45 mm thickness, used in jointed slats, is the best solution in attaining structural rigidity.

Aviator speakers line can be included into the term functional design, the process of responding to the needs or desires of music lovers worldwide.

That’s why we created a line of speakers who speaks for himself connecting with music and listeners needs a perfect match between aesthetics and performances


Low Frequency Load 

  • Vented NRS


  • 2 -way Reversed Vertical Alignment BookShelf


  • 1 tweeter 38mm T38Waveguide
  • 1 woofer 130mm Rohacell® – NeFeB motor


  • 87 dBSPL normalized to 1m/2.83Vrms decorrelated L/R 
  • pink noise / ITU-R BS 1116-1 compliant room

Low Frequency Cut Off

  • 60Hz @ -3dB referred to C4 WETS

Crossover Frequency 

  • 1270 Hz  (4th Order)

Rated Impedance 

  • Modulus 8Ω (minimum 6.2Ω)
  • Argument +/- 36° (20Hz-20kHz)

Cabinet & Dimensions


Solid walnut and HDF. 

Size & Weight

????0 x ???0 x ???0 mm (H x W x D) / ??0 Kg

Acoustic Environment & Amplification

Speakers Orientation 

Speakers should be tilted inward facing the listener

Ear Listening Height

Preferably on woofer axis

Listening Distance 

Optimum speaker-listener distance > 1.5 m

Listening Layout 

A carpeted floor in front of the speakers is recommended

Side and Back Walls 

Should be at least 1m away from the speaker front baffle

Suggested Amplifier

100W/8Ω Average Power

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