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Auris Audio Euterpe Valve Headphone Amplifier

Auris Audio Euterpe Valve Headphone Amplifier

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According to the Greek Mythology, Euterpe was one of the nine Muses, the Goddess of music and a “giver of delight”.The external look of the amp has great resemblance with the ancient stringed musical instrument – Harps while the name has been given by a greek audiophile.

Euterpe is conceived to provide pure enjoyment as a Headphone amplifier and a headphone stand. DAC provides an option to connect it directly to modern sources such as mobile phone, computer, tablet etc … and a PreAmp function is just an extra option which can be used in case you have smaller system at your home.

  • One-piece perforated arm casting with internal foam damping
  • Proprietary silver litz cable in a continuous run from cartridge to amplifier
  • PTFE dielectric, metal braided shielding, separate ground wire
  • Silver-plated cartridge clips and phono plugs
  • Two counterweights, matching cartridges of 4-7g and 7-13g
  • Vertical tracking force adjuster in steps of 0.1g
  • Three point vertical tracking angle adjuster
  • One year warranty


Tubes 1 x ECC81 , 2 x PL95
Amplifier Configuration Single Ended
Power output 0.9W
Conversion rate USB: DSD64, DSD128, PCM max 32bit/384kHz
Output Impedance Low 32-80 Ohm / High > 150 Ohm
Power supply 115 / 230 VAC
Inputs 1 x USB, 1 x RCA
Outputs 6.3mm Stereo / RCA Pre Out
Dimensions (WxLxH) mm 270 x 210 x 230
Weight (kg) 4.1/NET (without PSU)
Weight (kg) PSU 1.1/NET
Dimensions PSU (WxLxH) mm 95 x 185 x 55




...this is one of the sweetest headphone amps I've used for under £2000, it's fun to use and looks great...

- Hi-Fi News - 5 Stars


In truth, I wasn’t expecting much from what is, in essence, a headphone stand with ideas above its station. Then I listened to it and came away extremely pleased with its performance. Both DAC and amp are well-matched and very easy on the ear; there’s a warmth and even-handedness to the sound that doesn’t throw detail at the listener, but is extremely detailed all the same. It’s rich and satisfying sounding, and if you find yourself rejecting a lot of modern personal audio electronics for being ‘stark’ or ‘etched’, the Euterpe’s balance will be perfect for you. There is a lot of dynamic range and mid-range detail on offer, and these extend up and down into the bass and treble, but at no time does the Euterpe shout or draw attention to itself.

The most effective all-in-one there is!

Very neutral performance

Great dynamics and soundstage

Plenty of detail

- Alan Sircom ~ Hi-Fi+ - 5 Stars


The sound extended beyond my ears, being delightfully open, a smoothness and absence of edginess.

To my surprise, three hours passed during which neither headphones nor the Euterpe drove me back to my loudspeakers. The unit was proving eminently listenable.

Wall-to-wall sound and a natural acoustic, rich strings and punchy sax in an utterly audiophilic manner. Textured vocals were delivered with every nuance accounted for, sounding authentically breathy.

The sort of 'fidelity' that we still dream about.

The transient speed: check.

Bombastic bursts: present and accounted for.

Scintillating, sizzle-free treble: another ticked box.

Prairie-wide openness: yup.

What it does contribute is a warmth that some (like me) find irresistible.

- Hi-Fi News ~ Ken Kessler - 5 Stars
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