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Audio Technica

Audio Technica AT-SUT1000 MC Step-Up Transformer

Audio Technica AT-SUT1000 MC Step-Up Transformer

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Employing the finest materials and production methods, the AT-SUT1000 MC step-up transformer is built to deliver unaltered sound from a moving coil phono cartridge for the best analog listening experience possible. It features a special hand-wound, large-core transformer that is capable of a wide range of voltages, making it ideal for stepping up low-impedance moving coil cartridges. The transformer maintains a balanced signal from the moving-coil cartridge through to the phono preamp. Or users can opt for an unbalanced connection, if desired. The AT-SUT1000 utilizes HANENITE® rubber mounting to suppress vibrations and permalloy magnetic shielding to block external noise. 


Frequency Response: 10 - 200 kHz (-3 dB to +1 dB at 3.0 ohms) 10 - 60 kHz (-3 dB to +1 dB at 10 ohms) 10 to 40 kHz (-3 dB to +1 dB at 17 ohms) 

Input/Output: Stereo right/left 

Input/Output Terminal: RCA or XLR (2: hot) 

Step-Up Ratio: 22 dB 

Supported Cartridge: 2 to 17 ohms 

Recommended Load Impedance: : 47,000 ohms 

Channel Balance: 0.5 dB or less 

Channel Separation: 100 dB or more 

Dimensions: 92 mm (3.6") H × 196 mm (7.7") W × 150 mm (5.9") D, excluding protrusions 

Weight Approx.: 5 kg (11 lbs.) 

Accessories: 1.0 m (3.3') ground wire.

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