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Ansuz Acoustic D-TC SUPREME Power Cable

Ansuz Acoustic D-TC SUPREME Power Cable

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World-class performer in power transmission

The Ansuz Mainz D-TC Supreme is the ultimate power cable. Equipped with Ansuz most sophisticated and most advanced noise reduction, resonance control and dither technologies, this cable is a world-class, top-of-the-line power cable. Ultra-fine, authentic and natural resolution of the entire sound spectrum from the very high pitch to the deepest bass opens up a new dimension of musicality and creates a jaw-dropping holistic soundstage that defies any further description.

Technologies and Components

Cutting edge technologies.
Ansuz develops and manufactures cables based on advanced, cutting edge technologies. Ansuz cables deliver a pure signal flow that unleashes the authentic sound originally intended by the master recording. To achieve this, it is imperative to lower resistance, curb induction and reduce noise floor to a minimum. The more advanced the cable series, the more refined and sophisticated the implemented technologies, and the more transparent, holistic and authentic the resulting soundstage.

Housing (Supreme)

Ensures an organic sound.
The housing is coated with Ansuz’s Supreme resonance coating. This coating avoids any alteration of the authentic sound reproduction that often comes along with the use of traditional grounding materials, which distort the sound by making it unnaturally cold and harsh. The Ansuz Supreme coating is applied to the housing in a HiPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) process, and creates the finest, and most uniform layer of zirconium and tungsten, complemented by a layer of aluminum titanium nitride.

3M Length

For additional length please get in touch.


Twisted Cable

Twisted Cable  

Ground Wire

2+24 shielded, silver plated copper


4+48 shielded, silver plated copper
Double Inverted Helix 72
Connector Anodized aluminium
Housing Gold plated

Anti aerial resonance

12×37 cm+6×74 cm

Active Square Tesla Coils 128
Dither Circuitry 16
Active Cable Tesla Coils 24
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