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Altas Mavros Grun Streaming Ethernet Audio Cable

Altas Mavros Grun Streaming Ethernet Audio Cable

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Atlas' developed a new range of streaming cables with a goal in mind. That goal was to deliver improved fidelity and enable the full potential of upstream audio engineering excellence. With their range of Equator, Hyper and Mavros streaming cables, Atlas has achieved its goal.

The Mavros Streaming cable offers the best signal integrity of Atlas' range of streaming cables through the use of higher bandwidth specification, improved dielectrics and Grun connectivity. This all comes together to form a cable that offers improved quality, spaciousness and dynamics from your audio stream.

Audiophiles and music lovers are demanding more from their streaming solutions and Atlas now has the cables to ensure the best possible transfer of digital data between source and destination devices. Many principles used by Atlas for years in the design of world-renowned analogue products are the same when designing digital cables. Conductor quality, dielectric efficiency, plug quality, screening performance and of course the all-important Manufacturing process. These design principles along with the vast experience in digital design by Atlas engineers have culminated in three new world-class digital streaming cables.


Grun Coherent Earthing System

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving the performance levels equipment is capable of is noise. Low levels of RFI (radio frequency) and EMI (electro-magnetic interference) and noise on the signal ground all subtly modulate and degrade the overall noise levels of the system.

Ironically, this is generally only noticeable when eliminated – even though much of this ‘noise’ is theoretically at frequencies beyond the range of our hearing. The main sources are noise in the mains supply and component ground connections – mobile phones, ‘wallwart’ chargers and wifi networks are major offenders – while a percentage is actually generated within the equipment itself. Generally, things have got worse with the advent of computer audio.

The Grun Coherent Earthing System addresses these issues by providing an ‘independent’ the earth with the new Grun configuration. 

  • Solid OFC Conductors
  • Foamed Polyethylene dielectric
  • Fully Screened cable
  • Atlas Twist Technology and Precision Length Control (no erratic twisted pair conductors)
  • Tri-Plug technology
  • Cat 6A Specification - Speeds up to 10Gbps @ 500MHz
  • Warranty: 5 Years
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