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Advance Acoustic

Advance Acoustic XL-1000 EVO Reference Loudspeakers

Advance Acoustic XL-1000 EVO Reference Loudspeakers

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The X-L1000 speakers are designed and assembled in France by technicians Advance Paris. Design, dictated entirely by acoustic laws, yielded pure forms, modern and stylish. The X-L1000 speakers are perfect reproduction of instruments and voices. Harmonic Wealth, followed the rhythm, transcribed perfectly the sense of presence and realism. These settings are only a few, exceptional qualities of the enclosure XL 1000.

The MDF cabinets consists of three independent boxes whose walls reach up to 4 inches thick. These boxes are interconnected by partitions decoupling which ensures complete vibration control. The offset positioning of the speakers, was calculated for perfect phasing.

The speakers we have developed in partnership with a European manufacturer specialized in the professional audio field, meet a set of performance rarely achieved. 

The speakers bass and medium are equipped with membranes rigid cellulose pulp and ultra-light. They are associated with high-powered magnetic circuits. For example, the top woofer 30 cm in diameter, is provided with a voice coil diameter of 10 cm. Her loving 22cm diameter delivers a magnetic field of 1.17 Tesla!

The sonic transparency and lack of directionality, make the speaker of the medium, one of the best transducer of time to play music with realism and precision.

The speaker ribbon tweeter reproduces high frequencies with very low distortion, frequency response makes it the perfect complement to the high midrange, he can also combine the softness dynamics without any aggressiveness.

The Advanced Filter carefully distributed in an ideal way the different frequencies contained in the musical message, to the various speakers.Thanks to his mastery of the phases, the various speakers reproduce music with coherence and consistency.

Also with a yield of 98 dB and an impedance of 8 Ω, the X-L1000 speakers can work with quality amplifiers with an output of between 10 W and 800 W!

By creating the X-L1000, we wanted to make a speaker of exception, without compromise, working parameters often overlooked or contradictory.

 Real "Quest GRALE" it may well be that Advance Paris with speaker-X has found the L1000!



Frequency Response: 29 Hz – 23 kHz
Crossover: 250 Hz – 2,5 kHz
Number of drivers and ways: 3 / 3
Sensitivity: 98 dB
Impédance : 8Ω
Amplifier Impedance : 4 - 8Ω
Recommended Amplifier Requirements: 10 - 800 W
 MDF cabinet in 3 parts  
Cabinet Finishes : Black, White or Red gloss (other finishes possible, please contact us)
Side Finishes : Black, White, Red gloss,varnished wood red or oak wood finishes (other finishes possible, please contact us)
Woofer : Charge Bass Reflex:
Diameter : 31 cm (a cellulose pulp membrane)
Magnetic field : 1,17 Tesla
Diameter of the voice coil : 10 cm
Diameter of the magnet : 22 cm
Midrange : Charge Close
Diameter : 20 cm (a cellulose pulp membrane)
Ribbon Tweeter  (12,5 x 3,5 cm)  Néodymium magnets
Level adjustment of the tweeter : 3 positions
Bi-wireable speakers - banana plugs
Net weight by piece : 81,3 kg

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