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New Horizon

New Horizon GDS Turntable

New Horizon GDS Turntable

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The first floating frame turntable by New Horizon. The whole upper plinth rests through three springs on the lower one.

Three springs are arranged along the circumference that radiates from the center of gravity at 120 ° one from the other. In this way the springs are loaded with the same weight, they can be more compact and the calibration easier and more stable over time.

Such a particular object also deserves an aesthetic and an exclusive finish with precious woods, chosen among the noblest. The surfaces undergo 7 lacquering steps to obtain a sumptuous glossy finish.

The supplied equipment is completed with the carbon tonearm, double silicone transmission belt, ceramic bearing, calibrated methacrylate platter by lathying all sides and dedicated external power supply.

Only the magnificent listening performance outweighs the care taken in the construction of this magical turntable. It's the GDS.

  • HD Double Plinth
  • Spring Decoupling System
  • Dedicated Power Supply
  • Synchronous AC motor
  • Mechanical suspension
  • Double Belt drive
  • Inverted bearing
  • Carbon 9 inch. Arm
  • Methacrylate platter 
  • Output on RCA terminals
  • Dustcover

Double Elastic Decoupled Plinths
9″ Carbon arm
Not provided
Double External Silicone Drive Belt
Synchronous AC
Motor by Springs, Arm by Plynth, Pivot by Plynth
33 1/3, 45 rpm
Electronic by External PS
24mm / 2,05 kg Crystal methacrylate, Machined
Mechanical by Weight
450 x 365 x 165 mm
11,6 (14,4) kg
Real Wood
RCA Interconnection Cables
Dedicated DSP Power Supply
Crystal methacrylate Dust Cover
4 x Rubber Tips
Owner Manual
Cartridge Reference Template
Anti-Skating Weight
3 x Arm’s Balancing Weight
Arm’s Specific Tools
2 x reference feeler gauge

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