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Ifi Super Nova UK Power Cable

Ifi Super Nova UK Power Cable

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iFi’s new active power cable equals clearer audio.

Our multi-faceted active power cable eradicates noise from dirty mains power and adds clarity to your favourite sounds.

The sound of SilentPower.

iFi’s new SilentPower range tackles mains-related noise to improve audio/AV system performance.

We have made a number of ‘clean power’ products in our nine-year history to date, but we’ve never made a specialist IEC power cable for home audio components – until now!

The SupaNova is a specialised active power cable with a high-end construction that belies its affordable price point. It delivers a serious upgrade over standard mains leads that imbues sound with greater clarity, space and definition.

The cable.

The SupaNova incorporates five conductors, each made from heavy-gauge, continuous-cast OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Thermal Conductivity) copper, arranged in a geometrically balanced configuration – highly unusual at such a price point.

Two pairs of live and neutral conductors are arranged either side of the earth conductor, which is positioned at the centre of the cable. A further pair of air-dielectric delineators – essentially polymer matrix tubes filled with air – are arranged either side of the earth conductor, keeping the two pairs of live and neutral conductors apart whilst improving the cable’s overall dielectric performance and constructive solidity.

The cable is finished with a tough yet flexible polymer outer sheath and iFi’s bespoke audiophile-grade connectors, complete with 24ct gold plated oxygen-free copper conductors.

Ground Zero

As already mentioned, the SupaNova incorporates five conductors, each made from heavy-gauge, continuous-cast OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Thermal Conductivity) copper, arranged in a geometrically balanced configuration.

Two pairs of live and neutral conductors are arranged either side of the earth conductor, which is positioned at the centre of the cable. The ground conductor is arranged in a shotgun configuration and not twisted around like other mains cables. The live and neutral conductors are arranged in a truly balanced configuration, hence their magnetic fields cancel each other out perfectly.

As a result, there is no residual magnetic field being applied to the centre-ground conductor, and no unwanted induced voltage on the Ground conductor – we call this design Ground Zero.

Power conditioning activated!

The SupaNova takes the Nova and adds a cylindrical housing partway down its length. This contains our proprietary Active Noise Cancellation II technology.

ANC II actively eliminates far more noise across the frequency range than a passive product, even across the lower frequencies. We use inverse noise current to cancel out the noise in the mains signal. The way this works is comparable to the technology in noise-cancelling headphones.

The SupaNova also includes:

  • Our Wireless Purification System to significantly reduce power-line noise without audible or visible side-effects
  • A Ground/Earth connection diagnostic
  • Polarity detection to ensure correct polarity at all times
  • Over-voltage Surge Protection, an auto-detection and cut-off circuit to protect your equipment

A ‘do-it-all’ active power cable

By combining Nova’s sophisticated construction with Active Noise Cancellation II, the SupaNova has become a ‘do-it-all’ clean-power cable solution that delivers optimised power to individual audio/AV system components without the need for a separate mains conditioning device.

Sonic improvements delivered by the SupaNova power cable include greater clarity and definition, plus enhanced dynamic and spatial qualities, avoiding the apparent softening of leading edges, timing and dynamics that can occur with lesser mains filtering products.

  • Most power-conditioning products engage passive noise reduction through a selection of filters and regulators. While this can be effective, it has inherent disadvantages. Passive noise reduction systems are effective at the top end of the frequency spectrum but often less so at lower frequencies. In addition, passive systems need large capacitors to be truly effective, which make the best such products bulky and expensive.
  • iFi’s active system uses inverse noise current to cancel out the noise in the mains signal. Noise in the mains supply occurs at different frequencies, depending on the cause. Active Noise Cancellation II technology enables a power-conditioning device that is highly effective at reducing noise consistently across the entire frequency spectrum yet sufficiently compact and lightweight to position within the mains cable itself.
  • Our Wireless Purification System (WPS) is a complex circuit that reduces power line noise without audible or measured side-effects.
  • This is important because other solutions while attempting to curb noise, also hamper dynamics.
  • The Over-voltage Surge Protection (OSP) is an auto detection and cut-off circuit.
  • Should it detect an excessive power surge or short in the mains electricity it will automatically cut off. If this issue persists, it will not reboot and will protect your equipment from harm.
  • It is effective to max. 30,000A @ 1,000V/10uS.
  • Our Intelligent Ground is a smart diagnostic tool. It will only actively provide an earth/ground connection if your system needs one. It will NOT create a ground loop if the system is already earthed/grounded.
  • Our Ground Zero design ensures the grounding conductor within the cable is unaffected by residual magnetism and unwanted induced voltage.
  • The constant impedance design helps to maintain the purity of the mains electricity flowing into each piece of equipment in an audio system or an AV set-up.
  • This is a true balanced power cable.
  • Using true geometrically balanced pairs means that the magnetic fields caused by the live and neutral conductors cancel each other out perfectly. This is a key component in the Ground Zero design.
  • The cable design incorporates concurrent shielding for individual power lines and therefore creates a cable offering constant impedance, that is superbly insulated from EMI/RFI and feeds your audio or AV system with clean electricity for improved sound and performance.
  • Double circular helix power line design with air-dielectric delineators.
  • This twisted configuration further aids RFI/EMI rejection.
Noise reduction
> 40dB (> 100x)
Surge Protection max. 10,000A @ 775V / 8/20uS
Under operating voltage Maximum operating rating 10A at 250Vac and 15A at 125Vac
Length 1.8 m (70.8")
Weight US: 675 g (1.49 Ibs)
EU: 690 g (1.52 Ibs)
UK: 695 g (1.53 Ibs)
AU: 673 g (1.48 Ibs)
Warranty period 12 months
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