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Davone Meander Floorstanding Speaker

Davone Meander Floorstanding Speaker

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Davone Meander

Stream quality music from one compact, easy to place music system. That is what the winner of the all-in-one product of the year 2022 by Hifi+ is all about. With the carefully chosen upwards angle of the audiophile grade drivers, we have achieved a mature, refined and room filling sound. No matter where you sit, or even while you walk around the room. The joy of incredible sound is there.

Stream from the apps you Love

In essence the Meander is a stereo, all-in-one music system that connects to your WiFi. Plug in the power, connect and control the Meander directly from the music apps you love. Or use simple voice commands to easily play your music. Or create a multi room system. With the built-in Airplay2, Chromecast, DLNA and Bluetooth, the wireless connectivity is all you will ever need.

Whole-home Audio

Use a Meander to bring music to a single room or add multiple Meanders to create a whole-home audio experience throughout your home or business. Different users can play different songs in different rooms simultaneously or enjoy the same song throughout. Or let the Meander be part of a system with our other wireless loudspeakers. It is all just a few clicks away with the built-in Airplay2 and Google Home.

Omni Directional

The Meander drivers, cross over and baffle angle have been chosen carefully to deliver a room filling sound with minimal changes in the frequency response with listening position:

The tweeter that is used in the Meander is a so called dome tweeter. This type of tweeter does not beam the sound as much as other tweeter constructions like ribbon or horn tweeters do. Also, it is made of aluminium which has better off-axes response than other popular materials like silk, beryllium or even diamond for the same size. At 60 degrees and 10 kHz, the sound level is only -6dB (red line, tweeter mounted on infinite baffle) which is excellent compared to most other tweeters. This small drop in level is easily compensated for with the digital cross-over. All this means that despite the upward pointed baffle you will still hear the direct radiated high frequencies when sitting in front of the Meander, like you would with a normal forward pointing loudspeaker. But the Meander does generate a larger portion indirect sound in comparison, giving a more ambiance rich, life-like sound when sitting in front and a more well balanced sound elsewhere in the room.

The 2 cones represent the left and right channel and indicate that the direct sound is not only travelling perpendicular to the baffle, but also forward, backward, left and right, thanks to the excellent sound spreading drivers and digital cross-over. In comparison, with lower quality drivers the cone would be more narrow, indicating less direct sound travelling to a seated position. For an optimal result the Meander needs to be placed close to hard walls such that the reflected sound can support the direct sound for quality listening elsewhere in the room.

  • Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube Music, Tidal and many more

    With your mobile as remote, your favourite music is just a few swipes or voice commands away, thanks to Airplay2 and Chromecast. Or play music from your own local music With the built-in DLNA and Bluetooth,


    With Chromescast and Apple Airplay2 it is possible to create a multi-room system with virtually every sound manufacturer out there, including B & O, Sony, Bose and many others.

    Audiophile sound quality

    The acoustic design is based on our long experience developing High-End stereo speakers. With the same loudspeakers and digital technology as our wireless Studio and Twist models, we have achieved a very high tonal quality of sound.

    Room correction

    The Meander comes with advanced room correction technology which adjusts the bass to the surroundings. An equalizer is also available to adjust bass, midrange and treble to personal preference.

  • Wood craft at the limit

    We are proud that we, together with our competent curved plywood supplier from Sweden, managed to make a cone shaped cabinet in one piece. Using their largest press and CNC cutter and our many years experience of curved plywood cabinet assembly, we managed to create a truly unique wooden cabinet.

    Advanced Quad-core DSP

    The powerful digital processor with customised cross-over monitors the music in real time. This ensures that the loudspeakers perform their best at all levels and frequencies.

    Always up to date

    WiFi applications from Google, Apple and others are always changing. The Meander is equipped with so called OTA update management which enables us to remotely update your Meander over WiFi with the latest available features.

    One or two?

    One Meander is all you need for a room filling sound. With 2 left and right stereo speakers, you are not missing out on the original stereo ambiance.

  • Specs
    • System

      All-in-one stereo WiFi loudspeaker

      Recommended room size


      Frequency response



      200 Watt closed loop Class D


      Quad core 32 bit/192kHz ADAU1451

      Power consumption

      networked standby (WiFi): 2 Watt

      2x 7" Mid woofer

      low distortion driver with a special fibre blend cone with optimal balance of stiffness, damping and density. Symmetric motor structure for optimal drive force symmetry.

      2 x 1" Tweeter

      Anodised aluminium dome, flow optimized vented pole piece with non-reflective chamber, saturation controlled motor system.

    • Bluetooth Version

      4.2, BLE supported


      802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz/5Ghz) Wi-Fi for high-performance streaming

      OTA updates

      Over The Air updates keep your Meander up to date automatically

      Streaming services

      Google Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay 2, DLNA, Bluetooth Audio and all Chromecast and Airplay-2 enabled apps.

      Cabinet Construction

      The curved plywood cone is made from 9 layers for increased stiffness


      16.5 kg

      Height / Width / Depth

      77 / 44 / 44 cm


      Paul Schenkel

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