Why not mix work with pleasure?

Why not mix business with pleasure? 

Bring your passion to work...

If you are like us, then music is something very important in your life, but do you have to miss out on it when you go to work? Well we don't think so!

In the past, people have been put off the idea that you can enjoy audiophile standards in your workplace, because lets be honest most of s don't have room to fit a fully fledged HiFi system into our office, let alone afford it!

But that isn't the case any more, thanks to the release of some fantastic products from a variety of brands.

KEF LS 50 Wireless

The Kef LS50 Wireless need no introduction and their awards speak for themselves. As one of the highest rated active speakers on the market, the KEF LS50's will meet the expectations of audiophiles while not leaving you with a array of separate units, or clutter. The LS50's would be perfect in an office environment, or for a Home office, allowing you the ability to listen to an High End sound, without taking up much room at all. 

KEF's patented Uni-Q technology means you can get a truly three dimensional sound wherever you sit giving you even further flexibility with placement. The LS50's include a DAC per channel, streaming pre-amplifier, and a 230-watt x2 amplification in a bi-amp dual mono configuration which are all factory-optimised, so it is a fully HiFi system wrapped in a speaker cabinet!

Jamo DS7 Speaker & Subwoofer System

Modelled after Jamo's flagship R909 floor standing speakers, The DS7 speaker & subwoofer system is perfect for anyone considering desktop audio. Small in Size, but with plenty of punch, these are sure to tick a lot of boxes. Utilising Bluetooth technology allows the DS7's to avoid any complicated wiring or tangled cables around your desk, however do have an optical digital and stereo mini jack cable if required. All is controlled using remote control. 

You will not need to worry about bass, thanks to the included 8" side firing subwoofer which includes a built in amplifier sending 60w to the subwoofer an an impressive 30w to each speaker

Available in red, black & white, the DS7's are perfect for home offices, smaller workspaces and look pretty good too!! Definatly a conversation starter! 

Pro-Ject Juke Box - E

The thought of being able to use a turntable at work is something which many people may find laughable, but is it so unrealistic? Thanks to one of Pro-Ject Audio Systems latest models, the Juke Box E, it really isn't. the Juke Box E is an all in one solution, literally just add speakers! So you get a turntable, phono stage, Bluetooth, Pre amplifier & power amplifier all built into one stylish chassis, just add speakers and you are ready to go! 

Having the option to jump between vinyl and bluetooth means you aren't restricted, so you can enjoy a wide variety of music. The Pro-Ject Juke Box E is perfect for open office spaces, ideal for bring ing the office together and enjoying a vast range of music. Thanks to its compact design, it wont take up much space, and you can choose form a wide variety of speaker options, which best suit your needs.

Pathos Inpol Ear Headphone Amplifier

Maybe you want to keep things a little bit more personal, then a headphone amplifier is the way forward. Plug in your headphones and sit back and enjoy a truly audiophile experience, without disturbing anyone. Most headphone amplifiers will easily sit on a desk or workspace without taking up much room at all, and you always have the additional option of upgrading your headphones at any time. 

You also have the option to add a range of sources, including CD Players, turntables etc... so you aren't restricted to what you can listen too. 

The Pathos Inpol Ear is one of our best sellers from this category, but if it a bit to expensive, there are a vast range of headphone amplifiers available starting from around £115.00!

So there you have it....

So why not mix business with pleasure? These are some of the popular options, however there are a variety of options available, including built in speakers if you are doing a new build, and a host of other options. Please get in touch with your specific requirements and we can advise on what would work for you