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We have one of the most experienced staff anywhere in the UK! You won't find better advice or service anywhere. Heard it all before? Well we have the awards to prove it...

Family Owned and Run

Unlike many other stores, Kronos AV has remained fully family owned and run. This means you get personal service from truly passionate people. No corporate sales tactics, just advice from true music lovers that love what they do!


We have been in business for over 36 years. We understand that when you purchase, you want to have the upmost confidence, and we are here to help to make sure your purchase is right for you and afterwards we offer award winning customer service.

"One of the world’s best known retailers in audio."


Recent Awards and Accolades

No other retailer can boast the number of awards and recognition in the UK. 

0% Finance Available over £300

Novuna Finance

Independent Family Owned and Operated

A true independent dealer. 

Family Owned & Run

From the outset, Kronos AV has been owned and run independently, and regardless of how far we have grown, we have kept a tight knit staff, meaning that our goal of providing the very best in audio equipment from brands across the globe to our customers has never changed. One of the key aspects of this is to make sure customers can get in touch with someone who can help, not getting passed from one department to another. It also means we get to know you, so you can ring us up, know our name and we can help right away. You have a dedicated member(s) of staff that you know and trust, so you can rest assured should you have any problems or questions, you have a direct contact who can help. 

Rated by Industry Experts

"This was a fabulous sounding room""One of my top rooms all in"

Stu - HiFi Pig

Hi Fi Choice Approved

"A day at Kronos AV leaves me in no doubt that the reasons for arriving on the UK Mainland are far from opportunistic"-

ED Selley - HiFi Choice -

The Sound Of Luxury

"One of the world’s best known retailers in audio."