Titan Audio

About Titan Audio

Titan Audio was founded in 2013 and has risen through the ranks of the HiFi industry to become one of the top mains cable and mains conditioning manufacturers in the world. Straight away Titan Audio won a 5 star review and HiFi Choice recommended badge, alongside a further HiFi World 5 Globes for its Tyco and Helios mains cables. Following this, Titan Audio got a stonking review from 6 moons, and CEO Srajan Ebaen is still using Titan Audios cables in his own system!! Titan Audio has put this impressive growth down to painstaking research and working directly alongside artists to make their products as true to the original as possible. Working alongside recording studios and artists allows Titan Audio to know what is being produced at the original source, therefore they know what is missing when it hits your systems, thus they work to get it back, offering customers some of the finest audio reproduction available on the market. 

Where are Titan Audio From? 

Mains Cables

 Mains cables is where it all started for Titan Audio, and as mentioned previously they hit the ground running, racking up a number of awards. The Titan Audio ranges from £50 to £2500 so there is a cable to suit all systems and budgets.

Mains Blocks

Titan Audio's its first mains blocks in 2017, to accompany its successful range of mans cables. The Styx mans block again hit the ground running and at £149.99 it wont break the bank either. Fully hard wired (no bus bars) its a real bargain. Titan Audio are hopeful to have further mains blocks available in the coming months.  

Titan Audio Styx

Price: £149.99

Titan Audio Elektra

Price: £399.99

Titan Audio Tyco

Price £99.99