The Funk Firm Rage II Upgrade Kit

Paul Rigby 10/10 Golden Groovy Award 

Rage II Kit for Rega P3

Rage III by Funk Firm

The Ultimate upgrade kit for any Rega turntable 

What is it? 

The Rage II kit from renowned turntable manufacture, The Funk Firm run by Arthur Khoubesserian (previously of Pink Triangle) is an upgrade kit solely designed to upgrade the Rega Planar 3. You only have to read the Paul Rigby Review to understand why you should consider this, but one point which is worth noting, is that it doesn't have to be done all in one go, so don't let the price tag of £1,380 scare you! 

Also it is worth remembering that we can also offer 0% finance on this kit up to 24 months, so it may not be as expensive an upgrade as you might think.  

Whats Included?

FX-R Tonearm

FX-R Tonearm 

Upgrades over the standard Rega Arm:

  • Internal PTFE re-wiring
  • A new precision machined pillar to replace 301’s plastic offering
  • Good as the original horizontal bearings are, they are uprated to ABEC 7. By reducing friction and hence the load on the stylus.
  • Gone is the lack of VTA replaced by a sensible VTA adjusting base. This in turn is available in two versions:
  • Version I is the standard VTA base for use with Funk derived FXR arms.
  • Version II is designed for use with Rega arms, RB 600 and above, namely those with mounting “wings”, which would otherwise foul the VTA base.
  • Gone is the lack of grounding, the signal is now protected by a coherently earthed tube
  • Multiple cartridges can easily be changed by a new simple cartridge mount system.
  • As standard FXR II’s external cabling is Rega’s cable but it also available with
  • Straight through wiring from cartridge to Phono plug or with a
  • 5 pin connector and a separate detachable lead of your choice.
  • And the raison d’etre for all this effort? Funk’s new F•X arm beam.


Achromat is the ideal material to absorb energy from the record. There is no better. But it is only 3-5mm thick and this is where the science kicks in. Millions of tiny bubbles within create complex pathways and that’s where the energy gets lost as heat. In this way, Achromat acts like a considerably thicker mat. Its job is complete.

No other mat is like it and all it takes is a simple A-B comparison to demonstrate the differences against other supports. Longer term listening allows subtle nuances as well as greater bass intelligibility to be appreciated.

In 2009 Achromat came top in a mat comparison in HiFi Choice and then went on to win the Gold Award for Accessory against all comers. And of course there are the testimonials from happy customers. It has become the mat of choice for LP12 owners and also Technics SL1200 turntables. No wonder Achromat is the World’s top selling mat.

Bo!ng Isolation Feet

The very best decks are all isolated. Makes you think. So, if you have a rigid turntable, shouldn’t yours be isolated?Bo!ng. Funk’s new range of decoupling solutions to help your deck into the high end.Your listening window opens wider than ever and the benefits are real and easy to hear: Your Rega, Project, VPI, Clearaudio etc. will never have sounded so good.Bo!ng’s springs are not “off-the-shelf” but specially made for this application. They are tuned low and have a long travel.

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