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PRO-JECT: Simple-to-use, high quality sound, astonishing value, long-term stability and good service.

Where are Pro-Ject from? 

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Learn all about Pro-Ject from Heinz Lichtenegger (Director), see behind the scenes, and learn all there is to know about this fantastic brand!


Pro-Ject Audio Systems produce some of the finest turntables available. These multi award winning turntables speak for themselves and Pro-Ject are now the largest manufacturer of turntables in the world!


Pro-Ject Audio Systems electronics, known as their Box Design range are small, compact units, featuring integrated, power & pre amps, phono stages, DAC's, speed control, streaming, CD Players & CD transports


If you are looking for a full system, look no further. Pro-Ject Audio Systems also offer a range of loudspeakers to suit their systems, and match beautifully alongside their other products!

Popular Products

Pro-Ject Essential III A 

Price: £278.50

Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 Phono Stage

Price: £599.00

Pro-Ject RP9 Carbon

Price: £1749.50