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        Luxman PD-151 + LMC-5 Turntable and Cartridge Bundle

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Audiophiles love the warmth, organic texture and uncanny beauty of analog music reproduction. But that beauty is notoriously fragile. Even slight variations in platter speed can blur the musical pitch, placing the sound behind an unnatural veil. And when music lovers turn up the volume, the phono cartridge can pick up even subtle chassis vibration and resonance – distortions the cartridge cannot distinguish from the desired tracking of the record groove


“During the development of the LMC-5, we have focused on the stylus and cantilever to enable reliable groove reading, picking up the most delicate music signals engraved on the record. The carefully crafted body firmly supports every movement and suppresses deformation and squeal. We have thoroughly reviewed the materials and structures for the main parts that make up each channel’s audio transmission stage, such as the linear energy generation engine that converts vibrations to electrical signals. By repeating trial production runs to fine tune details, we ensured that development procedures followed the development work on other components such our amplifiers, successfully achieving high fidelity analogue record playback”.



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I was taken aback by how coherent and confident this turntable sounded. Not least – no, make that 'immediately impressive' – was the sense of lower-octave mass, which I usually assume is the first thing to go when moving from a deck weighing 30kg or so to one tipping the scales at half that.


Strongly paced and with vivid dynamics, it came at me with the peculiar sense you get from a Garrard 401 that you are going to be steamrollered. It has dramatic sound that’s for sure. Totally conventional in outline, you don’t get anything other than solid engineering but it works supremely well to deliver a great sound.


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Gold Note PH-10 MM/MC Phono Stage - Kronos AV

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