Pro-Ject Audio Systems manufactures some of the finest audiophile equipment currently available. Originally founded in 1991 by the legendary Heinz Lichtenegger, the brand is located in Mistelbach, Austria and specialises in turntable and electronic design and production. The entire range is designed in Austria and is produced within the finest facilities throughout Europe.


Designing and creating handmade turntables since 1991.

Reviving the art of vinyl
Pro-Ject was founded in 1991, during the onslaught of the compact disc and CD players, with the mission to offer the best analogue experience for reasonable prices. In a time where the digital audio media had been on the rise, and vinyl was declared as outdated and dead, Heinz Lichtenegger kept his belief in the simple but best way to enjoy music – turntables.
Where the magic happens
Our headquarter is located 35 kilometers North of Vienna in the beautiful Weinviertel region, after a year of planning and 14 months of build-time, it opened end of August 2017. It makes the Pro-Ject products radiate even more, thus meeting the highest standards of efficiency and aesthetics. Using the example of box-design electronics - a black sharp-edged cube. The use of glass surfaces creates transparent and modern office space. The outer facade of the office area reflects the grooves of a record. 

What you get from Pro-Ject 

Exceptional Products

Pro-Ject strive to create astonishing products with impeccable value. Utilising the best components for the price and manufacturing handmade goods solely in Europe. 

2-Year Warranty

All products come with a two year warranty when purchased through authorised dealers. Produced under the highest possible level of quality control, should the worst happen they have you covered.

Exemplary Range

Although it started with Turntables, the Pro-Ject brand has expanded to create a wide variety of electronics & accessories which pair together to create phenomenal performance.

A Revolution In Turntable Design

What does into making fantastic products like the X2-B stand out!

9" Tonearm

Finished as a one-piece, with no resonance-inducing headshell, the X2 B can also be set for azimuth and VTA adjustment. The tonearm is then supplied with a TPE-damped counterweight.

Metal Feet

The three height adjustable damped aluminium feet guarantee the perfect stand & massively reduce risk of acoustical feedback.

33/45/78 RPM

A sophisticated DC/AC generator board generates clean and stable power to drive the motor. Easily change speed with the push of a button

New motor suspension

 The X2 B‘s motor chassis is carefully balanced and suspended on a precision tuned TPE belt - this way the motor chassis is effectively decoupled from the main plinth for optimal performance.


Here at Kronos AV, we are delighted to be part of the prestigious 
'Centre of Excellence'  
group of Pro-Ject dealers, helping our customers experience this iconic brand.



The Pro-Ject Colourful Audio is the perfect all in one system for vinyl lovers! This compact yet versatile combination of turntable, amplifier and speakers makes listening to high quality music easier than ever! Whether you are looking to get into vinyl or looking to upgrade your system without the complication of matching brands, this all in one box solution is perfect for you!

  • One box system

  • Compact & Dynamic

  • Colours to fit any aesethetics

  • Easy to use