Klipsch R-51M %26 Pro-Ject Juke Box E

Klipsch R-51M & 

Pro-Ject Juke Box E

A turntable with an amplifier and phono stage built n, all you have to do in connect up speakers, and what better option than the Klipsch R-51M! A stunning looking system, with lots of punch, and even comes with the added benefit of bluetooth! 

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Pro-Ject Jukebox E

Vinyl, bluetooth, amplification & phono stage, all in one compact and stylish box. Easy to use, and clean crisp sound! A perfect Plug & Play option!


Klipsch R-51M 

A stunning set of Klipsch Speakers, bringing that true Klipsch sound thanks to its horn loaded tweeter! Bring that American feeling to you home!


Speaker Cable - 2M

2 Meters of premium Speaker Cable to make sure you get the best from your system! Stripped and ready for you to install, keeping it simple!


Want to customise it?

We built these systems to offer the best overall system we could for the price, but if you want to customise them, upgrade to higher spec units, or even add something in, just let us know and we can put together a completely custom system just for you!

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