HiGH End Active Speakers... 

Are they any good? 

For the most part, the idea of an active speaker was more for simple bluetooth set up's or even possibly in rooms that you wanted some reasonable sounding background music. This is no longer the case... Like everything, the technology and capability of these products are grown exponentially, and therefore, you can get basically a full HiFi setup all built into a speaker! 



Undoubtedly one of the major advantages to this is save saving, no major racks or cabinets of equipment, just some floorspace to set a speaker in


As you can imagine, this option takes away a lot of factors & separate electronics, thus you have a very simple set up, without compromising on the sound quality


Possibly one of the "best" reasons to this set up is its flexibility. Being able to connect them to your TV, Turntable, CD Player, Stream, Bluetooth etc... means you have a perfect mix of Home Cinema & HiFi from a single package.

Audiovector SR3 Discreet 

V.2.0 Active Speakers

From £5,829.00 Or from £121.44/month

Discreet & Minimalist 

Without effecting the layout of your room, you can bring the joy of music into your home, with little fuss...

Kef LS50 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers

£1,999.00 or from £33.32/month

Everything in one box...

Klipsch The Sixes Premium Active speakers

£799.00  or from £16.65/month

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