Foy Vance x Kronos AV

Diapason Micra III

Acoustic Solid 110

Foy and David with our kindly gifted signed guitar

HiFi is all about music reproduction. So many retailers claim to be able to reproduce the most realistic sound possible BUT how do they know what is "the real thing". Due to our expansion, we have been very lucky to work with artists directly, and create systems that allow them to hear their own recordings. Thanks to this, we have been able to work so much more closely with the artists themselves and our knowledge of how music is recorded (and therefore our ability to isolate realism) has grown exponentially. This is one of the standout reasons that many have chosen Kronos AV to built or upgrade their HiFi systems, including many artists themselves! When an artist chooses you as the best possible retailer to reproduce their music, it is the highest compliment we can receive. 

For us at Kronos AV, working with the artist is the only true way you can know that the systems we are putting together are giving our customers the most realistic sound that is physically achievable. This is the extra mile that we at Kronos AV go to, which sets us apart from every other retailer, and that is what has lead to ur numerous awards in the industry. 

Emmy Award Winning Track:

Guiding Light

Check out Foy Vance's Emmy Award Winning track: Guiding Light performed with Ed Sheeran, Elton John and Kieth Urban.  

The Art of Building a System 

The creation of a system just as the artist intended...

Building a HiFi system correctly is so much more than lifting the most recent award winning products and assuming that means the system will be superb. You have to consider so much more than that. That is where the word "SYNERGY" comes in. Certain products simply will not sound right together, as they have the absolute polar opposition characteristics. Wagyu Beef and the finest Italian Gelato on their own are delicious but combined together it simply does not work. HiFi is similar and creating a sound that is as close to how the artist recorded it is our goal. To do this we have to consider not only the equipment but the room acoustics, budget and possibly also the aesthetics. 

To achieve this, you have to know what the source sounded like originally, before you can claim to be able to reproduce it. At Kronos AV this is what we have done and we can replicate realism, dynamics, 3 Dimensionality and clarity better than anyone else. It may sound like a big claim, and we don't say this with arrogance, but to showcase that when you choose to work with Kronos AV, you are in safe hands. We have the awards to back it up too!


From speaking with Foy, it is incredible to understand just how much time and effort goes into every single track on an artists album. All of that detail and precision deserves to be heard. So often much if this is lost with cheaper headphones or BT Speakers but for those who want to hear it as the artist intended, HiFi is the only way!

Foy joked with us that he drives all of his producers crazy, because he is a true perfectionist. When they think they are finished with an track, Foy wants to make it a little bit better, with a tweak here and there, a 1 DB change or a slight alternation. For us as music lovers, this is a real treat, but you need a system that is capable of reproducing all that effort and time that has been put into making the track what it is. All of this information would easily be heard if the artist was in your living room with you, but thats just not realistic, so HiFi is the solution!

"It was like he was in the room with me - I've never heard that track sound like this before"

Gary G - Kronos AV Customer


Hear it from Foy Vance Himself...