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Get the SR3 Loudspeakers in ANY colour 

Free of Charge! Saving you £1000!!

£4,085.00 £3,085.00

Get a FREE 12 month subscription to Roon 

Try Roon out for a full 12 months, and its all on us! Roon is a very impressive service, with unrivalled sound quality, so if you want to try it for yourself, here is your chance, and after 12 months if you don't like it, you don't have to renew. 

£2,814.00 £2,699.00


Own a Styx Block? Get £149.99 back when you trade it back against the all new Titan Audio Eros Block. The new Eros Block is wired with the same cable from the amazing Eros Cable, and features a built in display allowing you to see a real time readout of from your mains! 

Goldnote Pianosa - Get a FREE Vasari Gold Cartridge

Purchase the Goldnote Pianosa Turntable and receive a FREE Goldnote Vasari Gold Cartridge! We will even fit it Free of Charge for you as well! What are you waiting?

£2,534.00 £2,225.00

Puresound A10 Amplifier + FREE Golden Dragon Upgraded Valves!

Get a FREE set of upgraded Golden Dragon Valves when you purchase the Puresound A10 Amplifier. You will also receive the original set, so you get a compete set of spares! 

£799.95 £729.95

Mediterraneo Turntable - Get FREE PH1 Phono Stage & Vasari Gold Cartridge!

Available with your choice of the B5 or B7.1 Ceramic tonearm, purchase the Mediterraneo Turntable and get the matching Goldnote PH1 Phono Stage AND Vasari Gold Cartridge for FREE!!

£6,049.00 £5,190.00

Simply Italy + FREE Golden Dragon Upgraded Valves

When you buy the Unison Research Simply Italy, we will also throw in a complete set of Golden Dragon Upgraded Valves! We will also supply the original set, so you have a complete backup set if required! 

£2,052.97 £1,999.00

Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile & Upgraded Power Supply

Get the Pro-Ject High Power It Power Supply FREE when you purchase the Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile. The High Power It Power Supply contains special earthing connections, eliminating earthing problems that can arise on turntable based systems.  The Sound stage will open up, free of unwanted electrical noise from your mains power feed.

£349.48 £324.49

Kef LS50 Active Speakers & FREE Wireworld Stratus 7 Mains Cables

To get the most from any product, it first needs to get the correct and cleanest mains supply possible, so grab this opportunity to get a free set of Wireworld Stratius 7 Mains Cables when you buy the highly regarded Kef LS50 Active Speakers! 

£2,149.00 £1,999.00

Puresound A30R Amplifier & FREE Golden Dragon Upgraded Valves 

As one of the best amplifiers at its price point on the market, the Puresound A30R isnt lacking in many areas, but as always, with better components, everything will sound better! So we have matched the A30R up with a complete set of upgraded Golden Dragon Valves, meaning you get that additional sonic benefit, with the peace of mind that you have a full complete set of spare valves if needed! 

£2,156.96 £1,899.00

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Vertere Plus X Speaker Cable (with reference plugs) & Vertere Pulse R Interconnect Cable (Ex Demo)

A once in a lifetime opportunity to take your  system to the next level with this incredible deal. Get  the Vertere Plus X Speaker Cable (with reference plugs) and Vertere Pulse R Interconnect Cable for HALF PRICE!!! 

These cable make an unprecedented difference to any system! Any system is only as good as what is carrying the signal, so these cables will really bring delicacy and dynamics, fast & tighten bass and a clearer more defined treble. 

£5,500.00 £2,250

Unison Research SH Headphone Amplifier & AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon Headphones  

A hand picked set up by our Kronos AV Staff, the Unison Research SH Headphone Amplifier & AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon Headphones are a truly special sound. With the warmth of the ECC83 & EL84 valves coupled with the delicate and natural sound from the Nighthawk carbons, you get a truly rich, detailed, musical and dynamic sound. With the Nighthawks ultra comfortable ear pads, you can sit back and enjoy hours of listening!

£1,998.00 £1,598.00

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