Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions


We can help you plan out exactly what you need. Depending on room size, volume levels required and several other variants, we can help to make sure that you get the system that you want. 

Different businesses will have different requirements, some will want ambient background music, others will want their music to be more of a statement. We have experience working with many types of business so we will be sure to get you the sound that you want!

Opening a new store or considering an update? 

Kronos has helped many businesses to get there stores & offices sounding as good as they look! Kronos AV have years of experience working alongside businesses to help them bring there visions to life. We can work with your electricians or contractors to get you exactly what you want and offer product recommendations which will  work for you individual business. 

Discrete Solutions

Saving space is essential in business so we can help to provide a solution which will minimise the space required, while not limiting performance. We can supply many types of speakers, amplifiers subwoofer, speaker switches etc...  We can supply speakers which will sit flush with your walls or ceilings, and help to minimise the room needed for other equipment.

Statement Solutions

 Sometimes you want something that looks as good as it sounds. Well we can help with that! We have many options for all aspects of the system. Speakers are naturally something which stand out and we have many options to choose from, whether you want a futuristic look or something more traditional, we have you covered!

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