Meeting everyones needs...

Audiovector products range from £889 - £171,949 so there is a speaker in the range to match everyones budget. With a vast range of "standard" finishes as well as Audiovector's unique ability to match any colour you  wish, there is sure to be a speaker here for you. 

About Audiovector...


I founded Audiovector in 1979, at that time under the name of F3/LYD. At that time I had been in this business for 8 years, selling different brands of speakers. 
I was frustrated by the fact that some of the speakers I had sold, were able to reproduce some aspects of musical reproduction perfectly, but not all. Others were perfect at other aspects.

"There is one vital aspect which has remained entirely constant over my 40 years with loudspeaker development: The rigorous process of listening, listening, listening. 
To describe Audiovector's speakers in figures and statistics merely proves that they are world-class. But to actually listen is proof that it takes more than great technology to create something truly special"

Ole Klifoth,
Partner and Chief engineer, Audiovector

Choose your colour...

While Audiovector offer a substantial range of finishes, another unique feature of the Danish brand is their ability to match any colour you like, and apply it to your speakers. Professionally finished, you can have Audiovector speakers to match any room in the house!

Buy Now... Upgrade Later

One of the unique aspects of Audiovector is the ability to upgrade your speaker at any time, without the need to purchase a new set...

How does it work? 

It feels like getting new speakers. Your speakers are shipped to Audiovectors factory in Denmark for the upgrade you have chosen. Your speakers are taken apart. Cabinets and parts are inspected and dents are repaired and cabinets cleaned and polished. The new damping material, cross-overs, drivers, etc are installed. A rigorous testing program is performed. Your speakers, now smelling and looking new, are packed in new packing cartons. New spikes and bridges are enclosed. New serial number (which is also your sign of the renewed 5 year warranty on parts and labour) is included. Your speakers are now ready for return shipment.

Hand built in Denmark by skilled craftsmen...

Audiovector take huge pride in what they do, producing all of their speakers in Denmark, and offering only the finest fit and finish, this is a speaker to last a lifetime...


The flagship model from the Audiovector range, the R11 Arrete are a simple work of art, stunning to the eyes, even better to the ears. A sonic masterpiece!


The SR Range offers customers the chance to upgrade any of this range, including upgraded tweeters, drivers, crossovers and  sound deadening...

QR Series

The QR Range comes in a range of finishes including Silky White, Piano Black & Dark Walnut Veneer. The incorporation of a ribbon tweeter, makes these speakers a very interesting option to many, at their price point. 

Raw Series

The raw series from Audiovector, offer a one off concrete based finish, all of which is applied and finished by hand in Denmark. The Raw series are also limited edition, so are a real collectors item for any HiFi enthusiast.  The Raw series is also now available across the entire SR Series. 

Discreet Active

Audiovector produce a range of active speakers throughout their SR Range, which offers customers the opportunity to get that unique Audiovector sound, without taking up the space required to have a full HiFi system.  For anyone looking for a Home Cinema and HiFi setup in one... you might have just found the perfect setup!