Is this the best product of 2020?

- Solid State Power Amp

- Valve Pre Amp

- CD Player

- Streamer


- Headphone Jack

- MM/MC Phono Stage

- High Bias Mode

- Sub Out

8Ω - 130W

4Ω - 190W

2,66Ω - 250W


This kind of power output is something that is almost unheard of at its price point. This means you can match this amplifier to almost ANY speaker!

Adjustability is one of the key parameters of this product.

Phono Stage -

High MC

Low MC


Headphones -

Impedance & gain adjustments

Subwoofer -

150Hz or 75 Hz


Sold out

What is it like sonically?

Straight out of the box, we found the MyConnect150 to be ridiculously impressive! We of course ran the amplifier in before having a proper listen. It just got better and better. Teamed up with a set of Audiovector QR1's it really came on song. Thanks to the valve pre amp, it produces a warm, rich and musical sound, with absolutely no sign of harshness. Thanks to the solid state power amplifier, it drives most speakers effortlessly so it gives you every detail of the music. The bass is beautifully controlled, and the mid range is full and room filling.

All of the functions are very easy to use, in fact when streaming it automatically jumps to the streaming input without you having to get out of the chair. Their dedicated app also makes it a breeze, and features all major streaming services.

The phono stage with its adjustments to suit most cartridges is really impressive, and certainly can do justice to most turntables in a similar price range.  


Why are we so impressed?

Frankly the key reason is the price. At £1,990.00 this is a product that has to be given attention. If we had been told that this was going to retail for £3500-£4000 (given its features and sound) we wouldn't have fluttered an eyelid. At £1990.00 its a total no brainer! I think the biggest compliment that we can give to the MyConnect150 is that we utter it in the same breathe as the Moon Neo Ace, which has always been the standout product in the "All in One" category. At around £1000 cheaper than the Moon Neo Ace and hosting a lot more features, its now really given us a choice of which you would buy... and that in itself shows the true pedigree of the Advance Paris MyConnect 150.



Sold out