Abyss produce what many believe to be the best sounding & finest built headphones in the world.

Abyss was established in 1990 as part of JPS Labs, JPS Labs manufacture high end hi-fi cables, however the extensive research and development department of Abyss have concentrated their energies in the field of headphones which has lead to the creation of several stunning models which have received worldwide praise. Distortion was key in this design, and the use of materials as well as energy propagation was key to creating a range of headphones that can produce mind blowing analogue resolution without any sign of distortion. Abyss have therefore created something as close to the original recording as possible, which is the ultimate goal for ay audiophile!

The reference Abyss headphones AB-1266 TC are the pinnacle of headphone design and music reproduction. Once paired with a quality headphone amplifier, you have a system which can put many other to shame. We were simply blown away by these. While choosing the correct headphone amplification is key to getting the most from these headphones, that is not a concern when you have the support of a dealer. Contact us with any questions you have and we would be happy to assist. 

We can also offer package discounts for anyone wanting to bring their system to the next level!