Why bother going to a HiFi Store?

Why bother going to a HiFi Store?

The Importance  of the Specialist Hi Fi Store




In the modern World more and more products are being bought on line. There are many reasons, price, convenience, 24 hour availability are a few. Its no wonder then that on line sales account for the majority of money spent and they are still growing year on year. 




Whats the point of shops then ? They can be more expensive, only have certain opening hours and you have to travel to them which can be expensive so surely there is no reason people should still go to them is there?  EXCEPT




  • You can’t hear equipment on line and why would you buy Hi Fi equipment or cables without hearing them. For example does the YBA amp, the Roksan amp or the Rega amp sound better with your Tannoy speakers.



  • You can often borrow equipment for a home demonstration especially cables so you can hear them with your own equipment, in your own room. For example will the Atlas or AudioQuest cables work in your room. 



  • Most shops offer demonstration facilities so that you can hear equipment before you make a decision and perhaps do A/B comparisons between different brands. Is the Pro-Ject or Rega turntable better. Does the Jamo speakers work better than the Kef speakers. Or does a Titan Audio mains cable really make my amp sound better. 
  • Get advice, most specialist dealers will tell you the most expensive thing in their store is actually free (advice). Dealers generally have many years of experience and have heard more equipment than customers, while also having access to a larger range on information and factory data. They regularly go to shows and events, where they can see and hear all the latest brands and not just UK shows in places like Bristol or London but also International Shows in Paris, Munich, Turin, Hong Kong or Las Vegas. 
  • Unlike magazines dealers will be able to give you specific advice based on how to improve your own system and if for example cables like mains, interconnect or speaker cables would be a better upgrade than electronics or speakers. 




6. Most dealers can also set up your equipment whether they are fitting an Ortofon or Audio Technica cartridge to your turntable or servicing it, perhaps they are making up cables for you, or advising on how to set up your system correctly, advice on loudspeaker positioning or set up or something equally valuable. 




7.  How many times have you bought something either based on a magazine review, or a friends      advice or even better got advice off the internet ( because you must always believe everything you read) and found out it didn’t sound the way you thought or made the system sound even worse. We have all been guilty of doing this. Often its based on price, it was such a good deal etc, but not if it dosen’t work or actually degrades your system. 




Hang on its starting to look as if visiting your local dealer might be worthwhile after all. OK it might cost a bit more and you might have to travel a bit to get to them but they might save you a fortune by giving you proper advice, a shop demonstration or even a home demonstration.




In the case of Kronos AV we have two stores one in Staplefield in Sussex and one in Dungannon in N.Ireland. Therefore if you live in London. Gatwick, Brighton HiFi isn't far away and its not a great distance to travel. Richard Allen who runs the store and has over 30 years experience in the Specialist Hi Fi Industry. Or if you live in N.Ireland or Ireland David Campbell runs the store there and also has over 30 years experience. Even if you don’t live near the stores both shops will collect you from the nearest bus station, train station or even the airport as both shops are close to them. You can then have a demonstration and be taken back to said station or airport. Both Richard and David have a wealth of information and have spent most of their lives working in the Hi Fi Industry setting up thousands of systems. 



So hopefully this article has made you at least think about how you should buy your Hi Fi. Kronos AV offers both stores and on line sales and don’t forget if you do decide to buy on line you can also avail of all the facilities Kronos AV offers, such as 0% finance on most HiFi etc… and we are always happy to offer advice either via e mail or on the telephone so that you al the information you need before you buy on line. In fact you get the best of both Worlds both in store and on line. 

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