Wharfdale Lintons receive What HiFi 5 Stars!

Wharfdale Lintons receive What HiFi 5 Stars!

Are you an old school audio lover looking for some modern flair? Well, according to WhatHifi's 5 star review, the new Wharfedale Linton's may just be the thing for you.

With a classic and familiar feel, the 80th anniversary Linton's are designed to blast out some classic Rolling Stones, while maintaining a rich and pure quality sound that better suits modern musicians. With a new enlarged cabinet size, the Linton's are able to produce effortless and effective bass, thanks to upgraded and larger bass drivers. Pairing this with an interior designed scatter panel resonance, Wharfedale seem to have put in the work to produce a really impressive successor to the originals.

But don't worry if impactful bass isn't your thing, because the Linton's also offer a deep and clear sound which offers a brilliant range of texture and ability as it builds.

WhatHifi explains:

"It’s such a fantastically open presentation of the music that our listening space feels bigger than it is. Every instrument is there
to be heard in the soundstage."

So, it has the look, it has the sound, but what about the price? Well at just under £1000, these speakers seem to be just right in all
areas. And if that wasn't enough value for you, the elegant and cleverly designed stands can be added to the bundle for just £100, which
normally retail at £280 so there are plenty of bargains to be had.

So, if you want that traditional throwback to the 1960's, or maybe just want to jam out to some 'Four Tops' (We won't judge) then check out WhatHifi's 5 star review of the Wharfedale Lintons using the link below:

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