Welcoming Andy Sinden to the Kronos AV Team

Welcoming Andy Sinden to the Kronos AV Team

We are excited to announce a new member to Kronos AV welcoming Andy Sinden to our West Sussex Team.


Andy Sinden may be a name that is familiar to many of you, as Andy is leaving his post as Head of Export Sales with renowned UK manufacturer Exposure HiFi to take up his role with Kronos AV.

Previous Andy worked for nearly 20 years with Harbeth speakers, and therefore has an incredible knowledge of speaker design, positioning, isolation and everything to get the absolute best out of any speaker. Andy's knowledge from Harbeth also means that Andy can perfectly match any speaker, to any room, and to any electronics to get you the exact sound you are after. 

Our West Sussex store has grown exponentially since it was first opened a few years ago, with many customers relishing the opportunity to get the in-store experience of Kronos AV now on the UK Mainland.

Andy will work alongside our current store manager Richard Allan, who again has a wealth of knowledge which is unrivalled in the industry. Richard's previous work with companies such as Nordost means the West Sussex team can build an immaculate system to suit your exact needs.  

With increased demand, we are also happy to announce we will have another vehicle on the roads which will be able to accommodate more in house installs. The van has been custom built for transporting high end items safely and securely, which is just one more way we work to make sure our customers get the expert experience that Kronos AV has become known for across the UK.

Kronos AV employee specialist from the industry who have first hand experience with manufacturing & distribution networks. That means they can offer truly unrivalled advice, having first hand with HiFi design and development. 


David Campbell, Director of Kronos AV has the following to say:

“It is fantastic to welcome Andy into our team. With the growth of our West Sussex store, we had needed to find more staff to help to deal with demand, however the onus had to be in finding the right person that would continue to offer our customers the service and advice they have come to expect. Andy was an ideal candidate and naturally comes with a huge knowledge base, having had such a prestigious post at Exposure HiFi for many years.

It is great to get another vehicle on the road as well, to continue to offer customers in home installs, as well as working with customers in their own listening room, to best enhance the sound they can get from the equipment they have.

We are looking forward to customers getting to know Andy, as he is a wealth of knowledge and we have no doubt can bring his experience and expertise to helping to build any customer their dream system”

Andy Sinden commented on his new post with Kronos AV:

“It is a huge pleasure to join the Kronos AV team. Kronos AV are one of the most acclaimed names in HiFi retail, and are one of the best known retailers in the UK, having supplied the UK for over 30 years with some of the worlds finest brands, and created a hugely regarded reputation for themselves. Despite their growth, it is fantastic that Kronos AV remains a family owned and operated business at its heart, and that makes a difference, as the passion and love of music and creating that “perfect” sound runs through the companies veins. Opportunities to join this company don’t come up very often, so when they did, it was a no brainer for me that I had to put my hat into the ring. While I am sad to leave Exposure, the opportunity to work with one of the leading HiFi retailers in the UK was something to special to pass up. I can see Kronos AV is moving in a very exciting direction, and I am looking forward to being part of that!

I cant wait to welcome and meet customers into our new reference West Sussex store. We have some absolutely exceptional products and brands in our new store, so it is really an audiophiles dream”


Andy will primarily be working from our brand new reference West Sussex store, and we warmly welcome you to visit to meet Andy and the rest of the team. We have added some world renowned brands and products into the store on permanent demonstration so it is a very exciting time, and we hope you will visit and enjoy all that Kronos AV have to offer!

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