Turntable Accessories

Turntable Accessories

Are they worth buying?

Posted at 11:00 • 4 Apr • Richie Campbell • Review

I often get asked by customers whether it is really worth buying all these accessories that are out there, so I thought I would sit down with some popular options and have a listen to them and see just how much of a difference they are really making...

What are we testing?

  • Origin Live Cartridge Enabler
  • Funk Firm Achromat (3mm)
  • Audio Technica AT-618 Disc Stabiliser
  • Test Album: Rag N' Bone Man - Human


For the test I decided to use my own Michell Engineering GyroDec SE as I know the sound very well (I have also listed the rest of the system at the end)

The first thing I tried was the Origin Live Cartridge Enabler. Now it's worth noting that when you receive this, it doens't look like much. you open up packaging, and it's a small piece of felt, and a few washers, leading you to think "Is that it?" but I decided to refrain from any judgement and once I had a good listen to the system as it was (to get a base sound) I began installing it on my cartridge. i would stress, this is fiddly to say the least, so go into this with time and patience. After not too much struggle I got it on, and sat down for a listen.

I was shocked to hear almost instantly it changed the sound, and for the better! There was more clarity to the vocals, vibrancy to the instruments, the bass and midrange were both vastly improved. The 3 dimensionality struck me the most, as it was much more realistic, with much improved dynamics.

So right off the bat, we have a huge tick beside the Cartridge Enabler and at £19.95 its defiantly worth getting one for any turntable



For enthusiastic audophiles

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Funk Firm Achromat

Next up on the agenda was the Funk Firm Achromat. (Now for each of these tests I did remove the original upgrade, so i got a clear indication of what each was doing, and then later added everything on to get an overall sound) I selected quite a "FUNKY" looking White 3mm Achromat set it on, had a sip of coffee and then fired u the system again...

Instantly you get what all the fuss is about, its changes the sound dramatically. Every aspect of the music improves, from the vocals, to the instruments it all just gets better. There is more clarity, dynamics and the bass is tight and punchy.

The only disadvantage I can see, and I don't think this will be an issue with the 3mm version, it VTA adjustment would be beneficial on your tonearm to get it set up just right. With the 3mm version, I didn't need to do anything, and some tonearms may not need this adjusted, but if you are considering the 5mm version, it's worth thinking about.

Again another thumbs up!

Audio Technica AT-618 Disc Stabiliser

This little fella caught me out, as I lifted it off the shelf, the weight of it took me by surprise! This thing is hefty, which bods well for it doing a good job here.

This slotted right on, this particular stabiliser is a locking version, so it literally sets on top of the record, and off you go. You can hear a noticeable difference here, I always liked disc stabilisers are they take away a lot of the issues you can have with vinyl, such as warping, production flaws etc... so for me anyway, means I can buy a much wider variety of music regardless of the manufacturer etc...

Most importantly this stabiliser does work though. It cleans up any imperfections, and offers further clarity and cleanness to the music.  


Finally I added everything on, and sat down for a final listen. WITHOUT DOUBT, THESE ARE NOT A WASTE OF MONEY. In the industry where sayings like "Snake Oil" are ever present, these products do not fall into that category. They offer more to the music than you will have heard previously, and I think most importantly they offer a very noticeable difference, at not a lot of money. All three of these upgrades would cost you around £120, and for the difference they make, that is somewhat of a bargain!


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