Triumph & Rega Team Up...

Triumph & Rega Team Up...


Triumph motorcycles are one of the UK's most prestigious and successful motorcycle brands. Now they have teamed up with Rega, another hugely successful brand and have created quite a stunning turntable to represent both brands perfectly!

Triumph has put together their very own vinyl record which includes 10 young British rock bands, so it was only natural they needed a special turntable to accompany it, so they turned to Rega to take on the job.  

Rega has used Triumph's Street Cup range of motorcycles, which emulates the cafe racer style which was seen in the 1960's, as inspiration for their latest creation. This special turntable which is hand-assembled, and includes precision-built RB110 tonearm, a low-vibration, low-noise 24v motor assembly driving a precision bearing, and a 10mm float glass platter fitted with a custom-printed plinth and mat. 

Adorned with a line drawing of the £8,800, 900cc Street Cup and finished in the bike’s signature Racing Yellow paint colour, the turntable is in keeping with its automotive cousin.

Triumph's album is being created with help from Triumphs music partner Flying Vinyl. The record, entitled "Racing the Record" looks back to the days of jukebox racing, where racers selected a record and aimed to race point to point before the record ended! Sounds like fun, eh?  

Triumph plans to produce 500 albums, but before this will happen, Triumph has asked bands to submit two tracks for each special edition album and one track will be selected for the record, with Triumph fans voting for their favorites on Facebook.  

Triumph Motorcycles GB general manager, Paul Lilly, said: “Our Street family of motorcycles has been built with fun and accessible rideability in mind and the Street Cup, in particular, is a modern-day street racer inspired by the café racers of old. It is fitting that we are now taking the Street Family back to its roots by creating our own record and turntable.”

Triumph has been manufacturing motorcycles for over a century, with the company being first established in 1902. For the last twenty years, Triumph has been based in Hinckley, Leicestershire, and today builds around 60,000 bikes every year – making it the largest British motorcycle manufacturer.

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