Titanic Audio: Our First Thoughts!

Titanic Audio: Our First Thoughts!


At Kronos Audio Visual it’s rare for us to be overly excited by a new product or brand. We feel that over the last 40 years we have seen and heard pretty much everything. However when a new UK company comes to us and tells us they are launching a range of High End cartridges then it does make you fairly interested. 

The great news is that after hearing and seeing these cartridges we are the first UK dealer to be appointed. Put simply they are spectacular both sonically and visually. As soon as you see them you will understand why they are called Titanic Audio. 

Initially there are three models in the range. 

Model A

Model A is the first product in the line up and although the least expensive model it shares many characteristics and features of the higher end ranges. Starting with a monocoque chassis design, the CNC machined acrylic body is mounted to a carbon fibre frame which offers exceptional dampening and rigidity. Like the more expensive models it also has the unique Titanic shape to the cartridge body. 

Musicality is at the heart of all their models. Titanic Audio have focused on creating a product that not only produces high accuracy but more importantly an incredible musical experience which can be enjoyed for hours on end without fatigue. We all strive for life like reproduction of music but that shouldn't be at the expense of enjoyment and all their models certainly provide that musicality. 

All Titanic Audio cartridges come with a lifetime warranty for the first registered owner against material or workmanship defects. *Wear & tear parts such as wearing to the suspension and/or stylus are not covered by the warranty package.

All the products are hand made in Northern Ireland - United Kingdom by their highly skilled team of technicians.

The Model A has a conical jointed Diamond stylus with an aluminium cantilever and has a reasonable high 0.36 MV output which should suit most MC phono stages well. The internal coils are incredibly high purity OFC copper and the recommended tracking weight is 1.8 grams. 

The cost of the Model A will be £1750 and once we heard this, we felt this was exceptional value for money in relative terms. Comparing this to similar priced models, its hard to say with an honest heart that the Titanic Audio doesn't lead the way in performance!

Model S

The Model S is the perfect balance of distinguished performance and affordability. Each Model S body is manufactured using aerospace grade Aluminium and finished with a magnificent electroplated chrome. This material not only offers excellent resilience and durability by reducing vibrational interference, but is an eye-catching centrepiece to any turntable. Both the Model A & Model S make use of non-magnetic materials to remove any electronic tampering throughout the cartridge.

The design is encapsulated through the perfect balance of 50/50 weight distribution allowing this cartridge to elegantly glide through any record. This is something which without question cannot be underestimated! Each cartridge is designed with a threaded body which ensures fitting is an effortless task. 

Like the Model A it comes with Lifetime Warranty (conditions apply) and is Hand Made in N. Ireland by highly shilled technicians. 

The Model S has an Elliptical nude Diamond stylus and an aluminium cantilever and has an output of 0.36 MVs. the internal coils are single crystal copper OCC for the most accurate and neutral sound. Recommended tracking weight is 1.8 grams. 

This stunning cartridge also comes with a host of accessories including spare cartridge tags, a mini spirit level, Stylus gel cleaner, a cartridge azimuth gauge and a cartridge alignment protractor. It also comes housed in a mini flight case.  The cost is £3,500, which naturally moves into a particular price range, however we can say having auditioned a number of cartridges around this price point and beyond, that the Model S is something special. 

How special you ask? Well... four members of Kronos AV staff have just purchased one (and there was no special deals!) and considering we have the any cartridge to choose from, I think that speak volumes!

Model G

The Model G epitomises the Titanic Audio philosophy of providing the highest possible performance into any system. Building upon the many benefits of previous Models in the range, the Model G is structured around a carbon fibre frame and monocoque chassis which is threaded for ease in mounting. Machined using aerospace grade aluminium for optimal strength and rigidity this design reduces vibrational interference, and is finished with an electroplated chrome gold for sensational looks which match its performance.

Like the Model S it has a Lifetime  warranty (conditions apply) and is Hand Made to order in N. Ireland by highly skilled technicians. This model will only be available in a handful of specially chosen dealers of which we are delighted to have been chosen as one of their Centres of Excellence. 

The Model G has a Micro Ridge Diamond Stylus and a Boron cantilever with 0.28MV output and 1.8 gram tracking force. The internal coils are single crystal copper OCC and like the Model S it comes in a bespoke flight case with similar accessories. The cost is £8,500 which again is only going to appeal to a limited customer base of customers with systems equipped to justify a cartridge of this price, however if you do, I ca say without hesitation, that the Model G is possibly the best cartridge we have ever heard!!

If you are thinking of changing your cartridge we can offer exceptional trade ins on your current cartridge and up to 36 months Interest Free Credit on all Titanic Audio models until 31st January. 

Please do note that lead times are currently 6-8 weeks as the first batch of cartridges has already sold out and the interest that the company are experiencing Worldwide is considerable. 

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