Titan Audio Styx Mains Block... HiFi World 5 Globes!!

Titan Audio Styx Mains Block... HiFi World 5 Globes!!

The Titan Audio Styx Mains block has made a huge impact on the industry, particularly after receiving an absolutely brilliant review in this months HiFi World Magazine, with the Styx block receiving 5 globes.

Reviewer, Jon Miles, had nothing to say against the product, concluding that it was something of a bargain at £150. 


But what do we think?

Well much of the same really…

The Styx despite being at the entry level for specialist mains blocks has many of the features of much more expensive offerings. Firstly it is hard wired not bus bared which means that you get the same high current delivery no matter which input is connected. 


The main body of the block is aluminium and at each end there are perspex sides and feet which lift the block off the ground thereby removing any interference from vibration caused by things like loudspeakers.

There has been a lot of thought put into this product and great attention to details. Even the screws connecting the perspex sides to the block are High tensile steel from Japan and are torqued to reduce vibration.

The internal wiring is high purity oxygen free copper cable which allows good current delivery and there is extra earthing to reduce interference.

Sonically the block makes a significant difference to the sound producing deeper and cleaner bass, better sound staging, and more three dimensional sound. The block also seems to reduce the noise floor of the mains supply allowing you to hear more into recordings.

You can connect any mains cable to the Styx block which has an IEC connection at one end. Titan Audio make a number of cables you can use with the Styx including a £50 mains cable of the same name. However to fully appreciate its performance we would recommend the Tyco (£100) or the Helios (£175).

This is the best entry level power block we have ever stocked and it is selling very well.

Check it out here: https://www.kronosav.com/products/titan-audio-styx-mains-distribution-block

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