Titan Audio release the long awaited Speaker and Interconnect range!!

Titan Audio release the long awaited Speaker and Interconnect range!!

Northern Ireland's Titan Audio has now released their brand new range of speaker & interconnect cables, which begin with options from their Nemesis and Styx range. Many have wondered if Titan Audio would take the leap into this world, after the huge success of their mains cable and blocks, and the day has finally come! 

Without a doubt, we are expecting very big things from these cables, if they are anything like their mains products, we are in for a massive treat. A breakdown of what is being launched is as follows: 

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Styx Collection: 

Nemesis Collection

The prospect of having Titan Audio complete wiring throughout a system is very exciting, and we can't wait to hear what Titan have to offer...

Here is the official Press Release...


Official Press Release

Titan Audio are happy to officially announce the release of the eagerly anticipated range of Speaker, RCA and Coax cables, as part of their Styx & Nemesis Collection. Due to strong customer demand, we began to research the possibility of bringing these ranges to the market, and we are very happy to finally announce their official release, with the ranges expected to be available from official Titan Audio dealers worldwide by the end of September.

Each of these cables had been designed from scratch and meet the exacting standards that were set when we created our multi award winning range of Mains products.


Styx Speaker Cable

The Styx Speaker Cable is constructed with with OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) cable, which is shielded using extruded PVC dialectic, which is then further shielded using a galvanised steel braid to aid in reducing interference, allowing the Styx Speaker cable to be used around other cables, without interference.


The splitters are custom designed by Titan Audio, and are precision CNC machined from acrylic. Acrylic was chosen as the preferred material due to its anti vibration qualities. Being Epoxy based, it offers the best possible solution to this problem.


Again the banana plugs were all custom designed by Titan Audio, to match the standards we expected form this cable. The plugs are 24 carat gold plated, epoxy damped and each connection between the cable & plug are sealed and secured using a specially designed epoxy resin with anti vibrational qualities.


The Styx Speaker cable will be available in 3m & 5m with custom lengths also available for special order.   


Custom lengths are also available.


Styx Coax Cable

Getting digital audio to sound the way it serves to can be a tricky process, and after extensive R&D, we are happy to launch our first digital product, the Styx Digital Coax Cable. Matching aesthetically & sonically with the rest of the Styx Range, the Styx Coax cable is the ideal first step into the world of upgraded cables.

Constructed from long strand solid copper cabling, which is then protected using air spaced polyethylene & a copper foil screening offering superior insulation. The Titan Audio Coax cable is a true 75 ohm cable.


The Coax cable will be available in a 1m length as standard, with 1.5m, 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m & 5.0m available to order.


Custom lengths are also available. 

Styx RCA


As a true match the rest of our Styx range, we are again delighted to launch the matching RCA cable, which can be used to create sonic bliss when matched with our Styx Coax, Styx Speaker Cable &  Styx Mains Cable.


The RCA Cable is constructed from 1.5mm Oxygen Free Copper which contains 30 x 0.25mm trans per conductor. This is then shielded using extruded PVC Dialectic and a further galvanised steel braid. The RCA plugs are custom designed by Titan Audio, and are 24 carrot gold plated. These plugs offer superior fitment thanks to their locking abilities.


The Styx RCA Cable will be available in 1.0m as standard, with 1.5m, 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m & 5.0m available to order.


Custom lengths are also available.



Nemesis Speaker Cable

Moving to the other end of the spectrum, our R&D Team have put in extensive ground work in order to bring to the market a speaker cable that truly deserves the name Nemesis, and matches the excellence of the award winning Nemesis & Nemesis Signature Mains Cable.

The Nemesis speaker cable is contracted from high purity single crystal silver, and each series of strands is independently shielded to offer superior isolation. The cables are then sheathed in a microporous PTFE Dialytic. Most noticeably, similar to the Nemesis & Nemesis Signature mains cables, the Nemesis speaker cables are also plaited in order to reduce interference.

As expected the Nemesis Speaker cable features custom designed and produced plugs by Titan Audio. The plugs are made from pure silver, with matching carbon fibre outer casings. The Nemesis Speaker cable also features Titan Audio’s unique EMI - Absorbent Cylinders, offering superior protection to the cable.


The Nemesis is available in 2m as standard with 3m & 5m available to order.


Custom lengths are also available.


Nemesis Interconnect


Continuing with our new releases, we are very proud to bring you the new Nemesis XLR & RCA range. Built and designed using the same characteristics and design concepts as the Nemesis Speaker Cable & Mains cable, the RCA/XLR Cables are the finishing touch to this range, and bring unrivalled crystal clear details, realism and control to any system.


Constructed from high purity single crystal silver, as are the matching plugs (which also feature the Nemesis Carbon Fibre outer casing) in both the RCA & XLR configuration. The plugs were again a custom design and built to perfectly match the rest if the Nemesis Range. The cable is plaited similar to the rest of the range to offer further protection from interference. All cables are sheathed in a micro porous PTFE Dialytic, and each series of strands is individually shielded to reduce mains and airborne interference.


The Nemesis RCA/XLR cables are available in 1.0m as standard, with 1.5m, 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m & 5.0m available to order.


Custom lengths are also available.


We will be taking preorders for these cables, so if anyone is interested, please get in touch to secure yours! 

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