Titan Audio release new cable range... but what are they really like?

Titan Audio release new cable range... but what are they really like?

Kronos AV gives our thoughts on the new range...


Our first thought was why on earth would Titan Audio change their range as every cable in their previous range was Five Star reviewed in multiple magazines.

However apparently Titan Audio are not a company to rest of their laurels and have not only upgraded their current range but also renamed the cables to make it easier to understand. Finally they are also due to announce a new technology called Forcefield ( patent pending) which the new range of cables can be upgraded with.  At this point we are not allowed to say too much about this new Forcefield Technology or FFT however the difference it makes is spectacular and we believe will revolutionise the cable industry.


So what is the new range and why is it better?

First of all each model has a standard model and a high current model called signature. This means you have a cable for source components and a high current version of the same cable. This makes it much easier for customers to understand and simplifies the cable ranges.  Eg. Nyx and Nyx signature, Helios and Helios Signature - you get the picture.

I think the best way to describe the new cable range is to discuss one cable at a time and compare it with the older model.

The new entry level model is called Nyx and replaces the old Styx model. The price has gone up from £60 to £100 however the new cable is 1.5 metres long as against the old cable which was 1 metre. Titan say that 1.5 metres sounds significantly better than 1 metre and they decided all their cables would now be available in 1.5 and 3 metre versions. The new Nyx cable is also sonically better than the old model as it uses better mains and IEC plugs and the cable is also better shielded. Overall this is a vastly superior cable both sonically and visually.


The Nyx Signature is the first high current cable in the range and replaces the old Nyx model. It has gone up in price from £150 to £199 but like the standard Nyx model it is now available in 1.5metre length instead of the old 1metre length. Again the cable, plugs and shielding has been improves and the new Nyx signature cable has an extra conductor and well as a drain wire.

Like the Nyx this is a massive improvement over the original cable both sonically and visually.

The new Helios replaces the old Tyco cable and is the first of the new range to have the connector which allows the Forcefield Technology to be connected to it.  Again this model is a significant improvement over the old model and comes in 1.5m and 3metre versions. The cost has gone up from £125 to £199 however again it is significantly better than the previous model and is upgradeable with the FFT technology. It features  better quality cable and increased shielding.


The new Helios Signature replaces the old Helios model and again has the connector to add the FFT technology. It is also massively improved over the old model with an extra conductor, extra shielding and again a drain wire. The price has gone up from £199 to £299 which seems like large jump but when you factor in all the improvements it is a huge upgrade over the old model both sonically and visually.


The new Eros replaces the old Elektra model and again has the connector for the new FFT technology. However it offers huge sonic improvements over the old model with upgraded internal cabling, better shielding, better mains and IEC sockets and is also available in 1.5 and 3metre lengths. The even better news is that the price has been in initially held at £399 however expect that to rise. All in all this is a remarkable bargain.


The new Eros Signature replaces the old Eros cable and also has the connector for the FFT technology. Like the standard Eros model this is massively improved over the old cable with single crystal copper (OCC) cabling, an extra conductor, improved shielding and a drain wire as well as an upgraded mains plug and IEC. Again it is available in 1.5 and 3 metre versions and unbelieveably is £650 the same price as the old model. However do expect this cable to go up in price.


The Chimera and Chimera Signature models as well as the Nemesis and Nemesis Signature models remain the same however at some point we expect them to be upgraded to be able to use the FFT technology.


The new cable range is currently in very short supply so we are suggesting to customers to preorder both the cables and the new range of mains blocks to ensure we can allocate stock.


It was hard to believe Titan Audio could have improved the old cable range but they have not only achieved that they have done it in some style and with fairly minimal price increases. We believe that when the new FFT technology come to market it will make the cables even more sought after.

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