The Vinyl Factory - Best turntables of 2018 so far...

The Vinyl Factory - Best turntables of 2018 so far...

The Vinyl Factory have recently released what they believe to be the best turntables of 2018 so far, and from the list Kronos AV has done pretty well stocking 5 out of the 8 turntables mentioned. 

Paul Rigby, a well known audio reviewer, mainly known for his work on The Audiophile Man took a look at some of the best turntables on the market, and here is what made it into his list form the Kronos AV Range! 


1. The Funk Firm Rage II

The Rage II in it's basic form is a Rega Planar III, which The Funk Firm offer a fully upgraded kit for. Essentially you will get one of the highly regarded Funk Firm Acromat's (5mm), Funk Firm's F7 Tonearm and Funk Firms Bo!ng Feet. So if you already own a Rega Planar III, this full upgrade kit will cost you £607.00, somewhat of a bargain given Paul Rigby's high praise

"As for the sound quality of the Rage II? Brilliant! It gives the Planar 3 a new lease of life."

Please contact us for more information regarding this upgrade kit. 


2. Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile


Possibly one of the hottest products this year, the Debut III Audiophile is a real giant killer, and we are not surprised to see it included in the list. Getting a turntable with an S-Shaped arm at this price point os somewhat fo a rarity, and couple that with an exclusive cartridge from Ortofon, and you are onto a winner! 


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3. Pro-Ject Juke Box E


One of our favorites for anyone getting into Vinyl for the first time, or maybe indulging back in after years apart, the Juke Box E is the perfect solution. Marketed as an "all in one" unit, the Juke Box E includes a built-in phono stage, a pre-amplifier, a power amplifier and Bluetooth in one chassis. All you need to do is connect up a set of speakers, and you are ready for hours of listening pleasure


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4. Thorens TD 240-2 Turntable


The result of a collaboration between Thorens and Dual, the Thornes TD 240-2 is a nostalgic turntable, offering perfect ease fo use, with automatic speed control. Coming with a solid wood platter, the Thorens is a robust turntable, and is perfect for anyone wanting a nostalgic feel, without compromising on sound quality.


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5. Elipson Omega 100 RIAA BT Carbon Black

Certainly a contender for one of the best-looking turntables, you will get a modern vibe from the Elipson Omega, with an array of carbon fibre goodness through. Also included are a built-in phono stage, Bluetooth, and USB port, so you can digitise all of your vinyl. Coming complete with a Pro-Ject carbon fibre tonearm, and Ortofon 2m Red Cartridge (which retails for £94 alone!) this has to be a contender at its price point. 


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Alos included on the list of examples from VPI, EAT & Avid. If you would like to check out the full report by The Vinyl Factory, please use the link below: 


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