The new MOON Reference range available now at Kronos AV!

The new MOON Reference range available now at Kronos AV!

Kronos AV are delighted to announce they are now stocking the Reference Moon 600 and 700 series products which include integrated amplifiers, phono stage, pre and power amplifiers, CD player and Streamer.


The 600i V2 integrated amplifier which retails at £6999 is a real star as it incorporates all the technology of the more expensive models but has the same build quality and sound quality of its more expensive siblings.  There is also a 700i V2 integrated amplifier in this range.

The Moon 609 D streamer at £9000 is another stunning product from their High End Range and has recently had a rave review from Jason Kennedy at EAR Magazine where he awarded the product Editors Choice. This is one of the finest streamers on the market at its price point and can stream High Res files from both Tidal (MQA) as well as Quboz.  There is also a 780D v2 streamer in the range.

In the 700 series there is also a pre and power amplifier and a phono stage in the 600 series available.


These products are a welcome edition to our other high end electronics which include 432 Evo,  Innuos, Gold Note, Luxman, McIntosh, Musical Fidelity, Pathos,  Pure Sound, Prima Luna, YBA, Vitus and VTL.


While Kronos AV continue to stock a huge product range from entry level upwards we remain committed to supplying the Finest High End Brands in the World and being the UK’s Premier Hi Fi Store.

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