Pro-Ject release the Rolling Stones Collaboration Turntable...

Pro-Ject release the Rolling Stones Collaboration Turntable...

Pro-Ject Audio Systems, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of premium hi-fi turntables and electronics, has recently announced a new Artist Series special edition turntable collaboration. Pro-Ject, have worked with some truly iconic bands & artists including The Beatles, George Harrison and Parov Stelar and now they have produced a turntable in collaboration with one of the longest running bands, the one, and only Rolling Stones! The Austrian company has been expanding their artist collaboration range, as mentioned before by working with bands and artists such as the Beatles, and this new Rolling Stones turntable is certainly a stunning edition. 


The Rolling Stones Record Player is a truly fantastic collaboration between one of the world’s most iconic bands and a leading audiophile manufacturer. Using the world-renowned "lips" logo, which was first commissioned by lead singer Mick Jagger in 1970, makes this turntable instantly recognizable to any Rolling Stones fan! On cosmestic appeal alone, this turntable is something any fan would love have in their collection but add to that the wonderful work done by Pro-Ject, this turntable is sure to sound as good as it looks.  

The Rolling Stones Edition is available in black or white finishes both offering a unique feel and style to this iconic turntable. 

For more information and exact specs on this turntable, check it out on our website by following this link: View Product


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