New Product - Jamo S801 PM Active Speakers

New Product - Jamo S801 PM Active Speakers

Kronos AV are delighted to announce that Jamo has launched a new pair of active bookshelf speakers for its popular Studio 8 series.

The new Jamo S 801 PM speakers (£289.00 SRP) combine innovative contemporary design, advanced acoustic technologies, and a balanced, natural sound performance with the absolute pinnacle of simplicity in set-up and operation, at an attractive price for consumers.


The S 801 PM is specifically designed to provide exceptional output and balanced, full sound in any application despite their small stature. Featuring all the acoustic benefits of Jamo’s popular Studio 8 Series range, but benefiting from a myriad of inputs and some powerful built-in amplification, they are a complete hi-fi system built into a credible pair of stereo speakers.

The S 801 PM are available in two high-quality matte vinyl finishes and feature wood-grain accents around the tweeter and at the base. For a premium feel, they also have no visible fixings and are supplied with magnetic woven grilles.

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