Musical Fidelity M2 Range Coming Soon!!

Musical Fidelity M2 Range Coming Soon!!

Henley Audio are delighted to announce the first new products from Musical Fidelity, since the iconic brand changed ownership and received new investment earlier in 2018. Staying true to the tradition of Musical Fidelity,  the M2 range features a powerful, high-fidelity integrated amplifier and a premium CD player that both put the musical performance first. Cosmetically they boast an intimidating industrial façade, and the build-quality and choice of components throughout is class-leading, but what the new M2 system does best is offer true musical fidelity at a very appealing price.

The 76W per-channel (8Ω) M2si integrated amplifier takes the company’s peerless premium sound experience and applies it to a more affordable price point. Boasting trickle-down technology from the legendary Titan flagship model, the sound is well complemented by other high-end touches, such as the solid metal controls. The elegance of the amplifier is matched in every way by the new CD player. The M2sCD is a serious, Red Book hi-fi CD player designed to match the cosmetic appeal of the amplifier, while also sonically matching its high-fidelity delivery.

The new M2si integrated amplifier and matching M2sCD CD player are housed in heavy metal enclosures and feature neat aluminium front panels – finished in silver or black. Control is effortlessly simple either via the supplied system remote or the clearly labelled front panel controls. But as well as being easy to integrate, a joy to behold and priced appealingly, what really sets this new range apart is its ability better the sonic capabilities of its rivals and sit comfortably amongst even more expensive, esoteric designs.

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