Moon 240i & Onkyo A-9010 make it into What HiFi Top 7 Stereo Amps!

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Moon 240i & Onkyo A-9010 make it into What HiFi Top 7 Stereo Amps!

It came as no surprise to us, that these two amplifiers were selected in What HiFi's top 7 amps! Both amplifiers live far and beyond expectation at their respective price points, and it goes to show what is possible, without going into the "Serious Stuff" 

Moon has always been pushing that boundary, and with a huge success rate throughout their entire range, its hard to pick a favorite,  however, the 240i is arguably one of the standout products. At a reasonable price of £1,990 (given its specs) the Moon 240i is no doubt somewhat of a bargain! 

The 240i boosts all that we love about Moon products, stylish (available in black/two tone) well built, solid construction and a warm, delicate and rich sound, offering a truly enjoyable listening experience. Moon also doesn't seem to do "half measures" as all of their products are easy to use, and that only helps the enjoyment who receive from owning one of these stunning amps! 

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The Onkyo A-9010, coming in at £229.99, will certainly appeal to a wider audience, but for us, we think this is the perfect starter for anyone looking to delve into the world of high-end hi-fi! With its key selling point arguably being the built-in phono stage, thus allowing you to add a turntable to your system. Getting an amplifier with the sonic abilities of the A-9010 plus the benefit of a built-in phono stage is almost unheard off at this price point. 


Anyone who has seen or heard Onkyo products will know they offer high-quality products with great support. It is certainly a stunning product, and at its price point, there really isn't much to complain about. The addition of tone controls on the front panel will be another advantage to many customers, allowing you to tune your sound to suit your needs. It even looks pretty impressive!! 

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