Metronome arrive at Kronos AV!

Metronome arrive at Kronos AV!


At Kronos Audio Visual we are constantly striving to improve the products we can offer to our customers. Of course we can’t stock every brand (nor would we want to) but when an opportunity to become a dealer for some of the finest digital products in the world come up for grabs, you don't pass up such an opportunity. 

David gives you an inside look at these brands...

Metronome - Who are they?

Metromone are a French company who produce a range of stunning digital products which are some of the most natural and musical sounding on the market. 

Metronome are completely hand built in France, which is one of the reasons they have achieved such high regard from audiophiles around the globe. The build quality is one of the key reasons for why it has achieved such recognition throughout the world, and it is a key aspect to the Metronome philosophy. 

One of the key reasons I wanted to make sure we had this brand available at Kronos AV, was due to its sonic abilities. Naturally it is a beautiful, natural sounding range, but most importantly, the Metronome products produce the closest thing to an analogue sound I have ever come across from a digital product. 

It is the most fantastic thing to be able to listen to a CD, but have what I can only describe as the closest thing to analogue I have only come across, and to find that from a digital product is quite exceptional.  

They do a range of digital products which while at the higher end of the market start from under £3,500. In their range there are a network player/streamer (£3499), a CD transport( £4500), an integrated CD player (£6200) and a DAC (£5800) so there is most certainly something for everyone. 

If you are in the market for a high quality digital source then you must hear this stunning range. 

Their higher end products also include a Preamp/DAC and a network streamer( £24,000) an integrated CD player (£15,000) and a two box DAC( £20,000) and CD transport (£20,000).

This range also includes a technology called AQWO which is the most sophisticated digital to analogue converter of the Metronome brand and also allows you to choose between transistor or valve output. It can handle the highest resolution inc DSD and simply provides an exceptional soundstage, phenomenal detail which still retaining naturalness, musicality and warmth. 

We look forward to welcoming customers into our stores to hear these World Beating digital products.  

Richie (Head of Online Operations) gives his opinion...

"When we were approached by Metronome, it was certainly something I wanted to consider. I am very happy to say we have come to an agreement, and we are thrilled to welcome this amazing brand to our stores. & online. 

As I primarily deal with the online side of Kronos AV, I have to take into account several considerations before we will bring a new brand to our portfolio. What impressed me greatly was the support that was available from Metronome. From an online point of view, I have to consider that some customer will need support from a distance, and I have no concerns about this with Metronome. Their UK representatives are exceptional, and go the extra mile when we encounter a problem, albeit it is very rare. 

I also like that these products are truly and completely designed & built in France. The reason for this is not only down to build quality (which was another factor) but also the fact that I can speak to the designer, or engineers easily if a problem does occur. They have European staff who can answer questions for us without delay, and that makes a huge difference. 

Sonically I was really taken aback by them. I honestly haven’t used my CD collection in a while, and rarely I use it, as streaming and vinyl would be my go to options, however the Metronome items now have me dusting my collection off, as honestly this is such an analogue sound! (Yes you did read that right!) 

Metronome pride themselves in creating digital products which can replicate an analogue sound, and while it sounds like a tough ask, Metronome have without doubt achieved it. I have never heard a digital product sound as analogue as these products. 

I can only say it is a worthwhile trip down to either of our stores to have a listen, or please do get in touch with our online team, as they are happy to spend as long as you need offering advice & answering any questions you have. "


Check out the full range here:  



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