McIntosh MCD85 Review - HiFi Critic

McIntosh MCD85 Review - HiFi Critic

A big thank you to Chris Kelly at HIFICRITIC for reviewing the wonderful new McIntosh MCD85 SACD/CD player.

Chris wrote:

"As I worked my way through my selection of discs, it became clear that the MCD85 is also an extraordinarily accomplished purveyor of the lower resolution format, with extremely well-judged frequency response, really deep bass, with the pace, rhythm and timing thing very well sorted."

"Every rock disc I played came through with the same sense of realism and musical involvement, and the The Beach Boys’ nuanced vocals, particularly in some of the more sparsely instrumented songs on 1967’s Smiley Smile, were absolutely beautifully portrayed."


"After hearing it through the McIntosh I can honestly say that for the first time I seriously questioned my need to persevere with vinyl."

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