Luxman LMC-5 MC Cartridge announced!

Luxman LMC-5 MC Cartridge announced!

Luxman have announced there first cartridge in 40 years since the launch of LMC-1 in 1981 and LMC-2 in 1982. The all new Luxman LMC-5 MC Cartridge is an exciting new addition to the Luxman range, and is the perfect companion for the highly regarded Luxman PD-151 Turntable. 


Here are the bullet points you need to know: 

2. Natural and extensive unified Luxman sound from the input to the output

3. The semi-open body structure helps reduce resonance and the effects of reflected sound

4. Thorough pursuit of ideal sound quality by repeating trial production considering materials and structure of cantilever, stylus, chassis

The SHIBATA needle has less audible noise while delivering full range vinyl reading

The aluminum cantilever has a neutral tone that goes well with the SHIBATA needle

Moving coil (MC) type, reducing the weight of the armature Reduces cross-channel sensitivity with directly wound cross mounted coils, to which the L/R power generation coils are wound symmetrically

The UEW coil wire has a radius of 30μm, the thinnest in the range, and is resistant

Using a single point piano wire (Φ0.08mm) support method for accurate vibrationto breakage while ensuring coil winding direction

Circuit structure with minimal loop area reduces external noise


Check out the press release here:

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