Klipsch R5 Wireless Headphones now available

Klipsch R5 Wireless Headphones now available

The Klipsch R5 Wireless headphones are available now in the UK. Klipsch redesigned the most comfortable headphones on the planet to create the ultimate listening experience for an unplugged, active lifestyle.

Priced at £100.00 the Klipsch R5 Wireless features patented oval ear tips, signature sonic clarity, 8-hour battery and sweat-resistant design - the R5 Wireless headphones are made to take on any activity you choose. 


When it comes to delivering your tunes, the R5 Wireless more than manages, Klipsch is internationally recognised for its exciting sonics. Even better, the R5 features its maker’s patented contour ear tips: anatomically designed to accurately sit inside the ear canal, the oval tips reduce ear fatigue as well as form the perfect seal for noise isolation and bass response. The R5 Wireless headphones also provides two options for wear — down and loose or tighten the cord for a secure, unobtrusive fit.

The R5 Wireless headphones use a single lithium ion battery to deliver over eight hours of listening to music and taking calls. The integrated cVc® microphone automatically enhances voice clarity and actively reduces environmental noise to ensure your calls are loud and clear.

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